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Qualifio strives to offer you the best possible service. We therefore wish to preserve your trust in us by informing you of our policy on the use and storage of cookies from our website to your terminal (computer, smartphone, touch tablet, interactive television, etc.).

What’s a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file containing fragments of information, consisting of letters or numbers stored in your browser or on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies allow us, among other things, to process your requests and improve our services on our website.

When you visit websites, the information collected by various cookies is stored on your terminal (e.g. your language preference for a website). When you visit these websites again, they will retrieve from your terminal the information they have stored there (e.g. configuration of the website with respect to your preferred language).

A distinction should be made between two types of cookies. On the one hand, “original cookies” (or “first party cookies”) which are set by us. Secondly, there are “third party cookies” which are set by companies other than us (e.g. third party cookies are often used by advertising companies to target your preferences and send you advertisements that may be of interest to you).

Cookies usually have an expiry date. Some cookies expire when you close your browser (so-called “session cookies”), while others remain on your device for a longer period of time, sometimes even until you manually delete them (so-called “permanent cookies”).

Why do we use cookies?

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your usage preferences from those of other users of our website. This allows us to provide you with a better experience when you visit our website and to optimise it. Cookies and similar technologies do not allow us to systematically collect data that could identify you. They help us to improve the functioning of our website, to understand your interests and to assess the relevance of the content of our website.

Cookie management

Cookie management

Some cookies require your prior and explicit consent. The banner on the first page of our website that you visit allows you to express your consent to the use of cookies on our website. This banner also links to a “Cookie Settings Table” by clicking on “more”, which allows you to select and disable various tags/trackers/analytics tools used on this site.  

By rejecting the use of cookies you can still access our website. However, rejecting cookies altogether may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website’s features as some functionality will be limited or impossible. In this case, Qualifio is not responsible for the consequences of any malfunctioning of the website when Qualifio finds itself unable to save or consult the cookies necessary for the functioning of its services.

Whichever choice you make, it can always be changed via our Cookie Settings Table by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of your browser.

Browser configuration

Most browsers use cookies. You can also delete these cookies or refuse their installation at any time and free of charge by modifying the options of your browser software. The configuration of each browser is different. Each procedure is described in the help menu of your browser. 

To do so, please visit the following links:


For any other browser, please consult its documentation.

Deactivation of social networks cookies

Some pages of our website include buttons of the main social networks. When visiting a page with one or more of these buttons, some social networks can, via a tracking technology, make the connection between the visited page and the visitor (only if he is a member of the said social network). Example: Facebook (Like and Share), Twitter (Tweet), LinkedIn.

Below are the deactivation links which will set a cookie whose sole purpose is to disable the use of other cookies from the same sender. Deactivating these cookies will prevent any interaction with the social network(s) concerned:


Cookies overview

To get an overview of all cookies, their expiry date, purpose and other information, click on “more” in the cookie banner of the website. You will be able to see a range of information about the cookies on our website and to adjust them (select and deactivate various cookies)

Under “categories” you can pull down the menu to get an overview of the cookies belonging to this category. For more information, click on the information button. It is also possible to sort directly by cookies under the Services tab.

Essential / Necessary Cookies

Purpose. These cookies/technologies are necessary to enable the basic functionality of the website and enhance your user experience.

Retention period. For more information on the specific retention periods for each essential/required cookie, we recommend that you click on the “more” button on the cookie banner on our website. In all cases, the information collected and stored in the cookie and the information collected as a result of reading the cookie is deleted when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected. 

Consent. These cookies do not require your consent as they are necessary to provide our services to you. 

Statistics / Performances cookies

Purpose. These cookies are used to collect information about how you use our website (e.g. quantifying visits and use of our website). This information is used for reporting purposes and to help us improve our website for better navigation. This may include statistics on traffic, display and user interaction. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymised and does not identify you.

Retention period. For more information on retention periods, we recommend that you click on the “more” button on the cookie banner on our website. 

Consent. These cookies require your consent.

Marketing / Advertising cookies

Purpose. These cookies are used to offer you targeted advertising on our website according to your interests, your terminal, your navigation, etc. 

Retention period. For more information on retention periods, we recommend that you click on the “more” button on the cookie banner on our website. 

Consent. These cookies require your consent.

Your rights regarding the processing of your personal data

Some cookies collect personal data. In this context, you benefit from all the rights enshrined in the RGPD (right of access, right of rectification, right of opposition, right to withdraw consent, right to limit processing, etc.). 

On this subject, we refer you to our Privacy Policy ( which covers these points in detail.

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Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Policy is governed by Belgian law.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of this Policy will be subject to Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brabant Wallon (Belgium).


We reserve the right to change the provisions of this Policy at any time. We will post any changes directly on our website. These will be detailed in the version history below.