What can Qualifio help you with?

Bring more interactivity to your content and understand your audiences better in order to segment them and build a real community.

Engage with interactive content

Increase the number of page views on your website by adding engaging quizzes, tests, polls and over 50 other interactive formats into your articles. Offer advertisers new, innovative advertising formats across multiple channels (website, email, social media, pop-up, mobile apps, etc.) and generate leads to convert free to paying customers.

Understand by collecting first- and zero-party data

Use interactive formats combined with powerful forms to collect data on your audiences to get to know and monetise them better. Moreover, connect your SSO to Qualifio to boost registration rates and also turn your unknown visitors into known ones. Finally, feed your marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP) with all the data collected for better qualification and personalisation.

Nurture with interaction-based loyalty programs

Keep your audience engaged. Create loyalty programs, segment your members and deliver more relevant communications and rewards. Treat your readers, viewers, or listeners like the unique individuals they are and reward all types of interactions they have with your media: participation in a poll or contest, newsletter subscription, articles read, etc.


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“We noticed an increase of more than 150% in page views on our articles containing Qualifio campaigns. These interactive campaigns are very popular with our audience. They enable us to increase our traffic and keep users on our pages while collecting qualitative data.”

Solenn Bouw

Head of digital

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