Ensure full GDPR compliance

Access Qualifio’s GDPR Toolbox, a set of features dedicated to your compliance needs.

Be GDPR compliant when collecting data with Qualifio

Appoint your Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and empower them with a single control point for all PII (Personal Identifiable Information).

Right to erasure

Easily find, sort and erase users’ personal information. Set automated data retention rules that reflect your business needs.

Right to data portability

Extract all user-related data from Qualifio and provide it to users upon request.

Right to be informed

Define default privacy policy templates to inform your users how you handle their personal information.

Data processing requests

Centrally manage and approve all user requests concerning personal data export and erasure within Qualifio.

GDPR logs

Track all important activities performed in your Qualifio account regarding data access or exports.

Overview of all identification fields

Monitor all questions and form fields in your account to ensure you don’t collect data without prior consent from the user.

Explore our GDPR documentation

Discover more about the features and resources available for implementing a GDPR-compliant data collection strategy.


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