Collect actionable and qualitative data

Use forms, opt-ins, statistics, exports, and more to capture and analyse first- and zero-party data.

Build customisable forms and opt-ins

We offer various features to make your forms and opt-ins super powerful!

  • Select your form fields from 30+ different types.
  • Provide users with multiple means to authenticate (SSO systems, Facebook login, etc.). 
  • Use CAPTCHAs to make sure your forms don’t get spammed.
  • Pre-fill forms with the information your visitors already provided.
  • Use real-time field validation to ensure data quality.
  • Easily create opt-ins and track consent for GDPR email marketing.
  • Request email address validation to spot fake accounts at registration time.
  • Create conditional workflows to offer targeted user experiences and improve form conversion rates.

Get advanced statistics

Gain real-time insights and monitor your performance throughout the year.

  • Access detailed reports covering your account, campaigns, participants, opt-ins and forms – all downloadable.
  • Visualise and track your performance effortlessly with our intuitive dashboards.
  • Check all data collected and draw contest winners.
  • Set up pixels and tags to send information from Qualifio campaigns to Facebook, Google Analytics, and other platforms for retargeting purposes.

Export and send your data

Don’t keep your data inside Qualifio!

  • Export manually all your data from Qualifio to conduct an in-depth analysis with the tool of your choice.
  • Automate your data exports from Qualifio to your AWS S3 or sFTP servers and pick a time for them.
  • Seamlessly transmit your data collected with Qualifio to your other marketing and data tools: CRM, marketing automation, DMP, and more! We provide a set of ready-made integrations with the most common business software solutions, as well as custom integrations to fit your specific needs.

Explore our latest features

Our teams are working hard to provide you with the features you need to grow your audience and collect data seamlessly.


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