To stay at the top of their games, marketers need to keep an eye on the latest trends in their industries and more.

Are you curious to discover the 2020 marketing trends, challenges and practices to anticipate? To help you, we have compiled the main 2020 marketing and data trends in an infographic.

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Key 2020 marketing trends

Our infographics include statistics from research on 2020 marketing trends. To summarise, the year 2020 will be driven by several issues, including:

Marketing of hyper-personalisation

Did you know that companies having implemented a hyper-personalisation approach have positive and measurable impacts on customer loyalty and satisfaction? Among the opportunities identified as the most attractive for companies, personalisation, through data marketing focused on the individuals, is essential. Offering a hyper-personalised customer relationship will be a significant 2020 marketing trend! Besides, for 83% of marketers, creating personalised content is one of their biggest challenges.

First-party data collection

For companies, first-party data collection has become a key factor to offer a personalised relationship. The use of tools that help collect and analyse customer data is now essential. Customers are ready to share more data with brands to have more personalisation in the delivered service. The GDPR remains, of course, a serious concern as 78% of companies have completed a GDPR compliance assessment until now.

The development of omnichannel purchasing journey

For 65% of organisations, omnichannelity makes it possible to personalise the customer relationship. At the same time, the urgency to transform is increased as surfers use on average three different devices to connect to the Internet. Marketers want to improve the performance of their commercial solicitations, which can be done through emails, websites or social networks. One of the 2020 marketing trends will be to homogenise all the contact channels of the entities.

Anticipating the growth of new technologies

Several emerging technologies, such as Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence, offer new perspectives and challenges to companies. By 2020, 50% of Google’s searches will be done by voice search. It’s a result of consumer habits change. Indeed, 70% of the customers surveyed want an immediate response to their questions or complaints. Anticipating these technologies represents a major challenge for organisations.

To achieve a satisfying level of customer knowledge

The various studies show us many times that companies face common difficulties in collecting and using their data. Only 2 out of 10 firms consider that they have an excellent level of customer knowledge. These difficulties would be due to a lack of skills, the poor quality of the data collected or even the lack of technologies. Nevertheless, the use of this data is necessary to reach a satisfying level of customer knowledge.

More than 50 statistics from different studies are gathered in this infographic to give you more visibility and details on 2020 marketing trends. Don’t hesitate any longer and discover it now!

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