Welcome back to our product update blog! At Qualifio, we are constantly working towards making it the best interactive marketing and data collection platform available. Here is the list of all the new features and tools you can now make the most of.

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Stand out this holiday season with a photo editing contest

Research has shown that user-generated content is more memorable and leads to higher engagement. Which is why we refreshed our photo editor tool – to add some extra fun to your photo contests!

With the new and improved photo editor, you can launch a photo contest with frames and stickers. Users can submit a photo to the app’s built-in image editor and the images in the gallery are customised using a collection of stickers and frames:

Qualifio's photo editor contest for Christmas marketing

Our Digital Marketing Officer, Anastasia, and our new CEO, Quentin, wearing funky glasses ?

But there’s a lot more to it than just emoji stickers and cute frames. All submissions feature “decorated” photography with clear use of digital accessories that can match the spirit of your brand (or your partner’s!) to keep your campaigns recognisable throughout the holiday season.

This is why photo contests are such a powerful marketing strategy: they’re awesome for getting additional exposure and attracting new customers and leads.

If you’ve built a cool photo contest, let us know. We’ll be glad to share it in our next list of best interactive marketing campaigns!

Export data from multiple Qualifio campaigns ⬇️

Ever wished you could export selected participations from multiple campaigns? Well, now you can! ?

We know many of you need to have the option to pull data from multiple Qualifio campaigns and measure their success all at once. So we’ve added a new way to export your Qualifio data as a CSV or Excel file, right from the CRM tab. (You’ll need to be an admin to do that.)

Our new export tool gives you more flexibility to manually export and analyse your data. This data can include all the participations (from October 1st, 2021), the participations from a selected set of campaigns, or you can narrow down the data you want to export by using the filtering tool which has some handy advanced options.

For example, if you wish to export the complete list of participations from October 1st to October 12, with the specific “Demo opt-in”, the following filters would achieve this:

Export data from multiple Qualifio campaigns

This is where the magic happens ??

Other benefits:

  • Once the export is complete, you are notified and receive an email with a link to download the file.
  • A full historical record is kept for each export showing which users have downloaded it. (Don’t forget to give your export a great name for your future self and DPO teammates.)
  • Do you regularly find yourself working on specific data you’d like to export? And do you end up building the same criteria filters over and over? You can save what you build and speed up the export process… as we’re also introducing criteria templates! ?

Essentially, the Participations Exports feature provides you with the option to export large amounts of participations from multiple campaigns. Doing so, it enables you to reduce the number of files that you are exporting and the time spent on combining data from different sheets in Excel.

Learn more about how to Export participation data in the Help Centre. Or watch this how-to video ??

Easily understand opt-in conversions with new reports ?

Opt-ins are a critical part of any marketing strategy. However, we’ve heard from many customers that opt-in stats in Qualifio are difficult to understand. Today, it’s even one of Qualifio’s most popular feature requests.

That’s why we’re launching new reports that will help you measure opt-in conversions. For example, this can help you to understand how many new leads were generated so that the marketing team could add them to their emailing list.

Unlock performance insights with opt-in categories

While taking part in campaigns, participants may accept multiple opt-ins from the same brand. In general, the biggest use of opt-ins is SMS and email marketing, i.e. participants giving consent to receive marketing communications. But opt-ins also allow you to add an explicit consent checkbox to your form requesting agreement to legal terms (typically privacy notices, or rules and regulations of contests).

So while opt-ins are necessary when you are trying to get consent, not all opt-in conversions are worth the same.

To help you to accurately evaluate performance, we’re rolling out opt-in categories. This feature allows you to break down your opt-in conversion data into different categories and subcategories for more comprehensive measurement.

Opt-in categorisation in Qualifio

As of October 2021, we’ve upgraded all Qualifio opt-ins to support this new feature. You’ll now see the following choices when you create new opt-ins as well as on your statistics dashboard in Qualifio:

  • Newsletter & marketing
  • Legal & rules
  • Partners
  • Others

Opt-in reports in QualifioThe four main categories are used in your campaign reports ??

You can also create subcategories within the existing categories above, directly from the Opt-ins > Categories page. For more information on the complete feature, read our Help Centre article.

Bonus: Factors like the publication channel, campaign type, seasonality, and target audience (new vs. returning participants) can all weigh in on your ability to convert visitors into subscribers. That’s why we’ve been working on new Global Stats widgets that will allow you to visualise and filter opt-in conversion data so as to help you track performance. And… we’ll be introducing a list of your highest-converting campaigns. All of which is coming REALLY soon. ?

The double opt-in for push integrations ✌?

Double opt-in is a two-step subscription process where new contact information is only added to your email list after the subscription is confirmed.

If you’re using Qualifio in Germany, double opt-in is a must! It will be your ally if you need to prove the explicit consent of your participants. But there’s also another huge benefit of using double opt-in: it protects your list from wrong and fake email addresses. This means you’re building a base of high-quality leads and you don’t pay for a total mailing list that is far higher than the number of people who are actively engaged with your communications.

With the newly released double opt-in feature, you can:

  • require a subscription confirmation by the user ?
  • set up your double opt-in email (customised for every website) ?
  • customise how long the email link is valid ?
  • design the landing pages users will be redirected to (customised for every website) ?

If you already have a push integration set up, the double opt-in process also introduces a new tag for your users that will help you keep track of whether or not they’ve confirmed their subscription. We will collect their data and document their double opt-in status as completed or expired.

You can activate this feature by contacting our customer support team.

Push partial and incomplete participations to your CRM ?

Incomplete participations are created when participants stop mid-way through your campaign. This is most likely one of the most challenging aspects of running a survey or quiz. Indeed, it can be really frustrating for marketers who see it as a missed opportunity to collect data.

Qualifio has thought long and hard about this problem. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve come up with an improvement to push integrations that you can use to get the participation data regardless of whether it is complete. While Qualifio doesn’t record all incomplete participations in the statistics, you can now retrieve the data by pushing it to your application.

To give you full control, you can choose to include or ignore incomplete participations as you see fit:

Push partial and incomplete participations to your CRM

With this tool, you are well on your way to collecting more data than before ??

Grant or restrict custom access to campaigns

Want to gate your most valuable interactive content? We thought you might. With custom limitations, you can require your audience to perform an action before they can enter your campaign.

This powerful new feature lets you dictate which audiences can access your interactive content. Choose whether to display a campaign to all visitors, or define restrictions on who can enter based. Grant or deny permission to participate based on custom considerations such as CRM data, location, membership type, and more.

Here are some ideas for you! ?

  • Purchase to enter: ask participants to make a purchase to enter the contest. You can even go one step further by granting one participation with every purchase, making participants buy a specific product, only taking into account purchases made between September 27th and October 31st, or setting a minimum order amount ??

Create a purchase-to-enter contest with Qualifio

  • Paid members only: give your members special access to your campaigns, Advent calendar, event registrations and more. Creating such value for memberships will help you to attract new members to your site and monetise your content.

Setting custom limitations that explicitly allow or deny access to campaign participants can be done using JSON web tokens. You can add this feature to almost any campaign; however, it will require some development work on your side. For more information about the secure token feature, please contact us.

Watch the product update webinar! ?

Want to get a quick overview of the top new Qualifio features we brought to you last quarter? We’ve put it all together for you in this webinar. ?

Many more improvements

And wait, there’s more. In addition to the above features and fixing the bugs you reported, we’ve also released some handy improvements to help your team use Qualifio:

Expired users can be reactivated to regain access to QualifioClick to reactivate Brad’s account ⬆️

  • Add your company or brand name to rule templates, dynamically customised for every website in Qualifio.
  • You spoke, we listened. It is now possible to display messages based on scoring on the “game over” screen in runner games and catcher games! ?
  • An update for runner games has introduced a new landscape mode to the mobile version of the game.
  • Finally, we know that reengagement and retargeting campaigns are at the heart of many marketing strategies. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that TikTok Pixel and Snap Pixel can be loaded via the Qualifio Tracking Framework.

Features and innovations that are currently being implemented

At Qualifio, we want our customers to have complete control over how their participant data is handled. That’s why our theme for Q4 2021 is “GDPR & privacy”, with 6 features that will focus on making your compliance easier:

  • Enhanced security through two-factor authentication (2FA): an extra layer of protection of your Qualifio account that goes beyond just a username and password. While not mandatory, you will be able to enforce 2FA for all users working on campaigns in your account ?
  • Qualifio will soon be switching to a new user management interface, scheduled to launch towards the end of Q4 2021.

Qualifio will soon be switching to a new user management interfaceHere’s what it will look like ?

  • An even more granular solution to manage your data retention, making it possible to reduce or increase the time frame in which data can be stored per website or campaign. This will ensure you remain compliant with national data laws ?
  • Prevent unwanted tag-based tracking: control which tags are allowed to be used in your campaigns by limiting the use of tracking pixels to a set of defined tags ?
  • Proper consent management: easily integrate with your consent management platform (CMP) and ask your campaign participants’ consent for cookies ?
  • A fast and simple integration with DQE Address for autocompleting and standardising postal addresses ?

And that’s it! We hope that you’ll find these updates useful, and that you’re as excited as we are. ?

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