We are constantly updating Qualifio with new improvements and bug fixes. These notes provide relevant information regarding features and changes that were released to Qualifio from January 1, 2020, to April 10, 2020.

What’s new in Q1 at Qualifio?

In Q1 2020, we started the year with a bang by launching Qualifio SSO for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Google G Suite and updating Qualifio’s interface. We also announced the ice hockey Team Selector, a logical next step in Qualifio’s Scandinavian expansion. In addition to our exciting new launches, we continually extend our capabilities, enhance our interface, and add support for new languages. For more information on recent releases, continue reading below.

? New: Prize calendar

We’ve completely changed the prize calendar in instant win campaigns. The new system simplifies and improves the way prizes are allocated, while also increasing the number of options available. Scheduling prizes is now up to 5x faster for instant wins, jackpots and wheels of fortune!

One of the main changes you’ll experience is that prizes are not automatically scheduled when you add them to the campaign. Simply drag and drop prizes onto the calendar according to your preferred schedule, or let the platform choose the winning moments. For information about this change, see Awarding prizes in instant win campaigns.

? Improvement: Form validation

Ideally, participants fill your form with information and submit it successfully. However, people often make mistakes. This is where form validation comes into play. It ensures that all the required fields are filled out (“This field is required.”) and that details are entered in the correct format (“Please enter a valid email address.”)

How it works

Participant’s input can be validated on the client (web browser) and on the server.

  • Client-side validation can be thought of as an initial check: it catches invalid data on the participant’s browser so they can fix it immediately, that is before they submit the form. It is thus important for nice user experience!
  • In the server-side validation, information is being sent to the server and validated. This method is more secure because it will work even if JavaScript is switched off in the browser.

We significantly revamped and extended the way we validate data on the server-side, in order to increase both security and data quality. Now it’s even harder for malicious users to bypass or manipulate forms.

? New! Ice hockey Team Selector

The Team Selector is an intuitive and awesome-looking way to engage your audience. Do your fans dream of being a professional ice hockey coach? Now you can help them fulfil their dream by creating the perfect interaction for your match days! Learn more.

? Back-office authentication through Single Sign-On (SSO)

Available in: Gold and Platinum packages
Get in touch with Sales for licensing questions.

We now offer SSO for back-office users. With single sign-on, Qualifio users do not need a new password – they simply use their existing login details from their identity provider. This feature aims to simplify life for users and improve security surrounding their data.

Qualifio's login page with SSO

If you would like to use SSO, please contact your CSM. There is a one-off configuration to set this up. Learn more: How does Qualifio single sign-on (SSO) work and how do I set it up for my account?

? Support for new languages

Qualifio now supports 19 new languages. Now you can publish campaigns in Ukrainian, Chinese, Thai, Slovenian, and more. To serve our customers and their global audiences, Qualifio campaigns are currently available into 41 languages. Learn more here.

? Wheel of fortune: All about UX improvements

We’ve spent some time polishing and making the creation of wheels of fortune even easier from a UX point of view. With this idea, let us share with you our latest changes, reflecting our customers’ use of this type of campaign.

  • New default options: From now on, all new wheels have 8 segments by default and the default shape for segment images is set to none.
  • Less clutter: Additionally, we’ve removed the “prize allocation” options. You can still distribute the prizes as you wish between the segments of the wheel, and it is now easier to create a wheel with this one step down.

There you go! Small configuration changes that facilitate campaign creation and help you be faster and more productive with your interactive marketing and data collection strategy. What’s more, we’ve improved the way to award prizes with the above-mentioned prize calendar ?

If you have any questions about the new features, please reach out for more details. Happy interacting!