Use conditional branching to send participants down different paths in a survey or personality test.

Sometimes, you need to direct participants to different questions based on a specific answer they may have given. This is called “conditional branching” and it is now available in Qualifio! From now on, you can easily add branching conditions to questions. Based on the participant’s answer to a question, use the branching feature either to skip one or more of the following questions, or to end the questionnaire.
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Hide irrelevant questions and keep your participants engaged!

In a survey or test with branching, questions are displayed only if they apply to the participant’s situation. If they are not relevant, the participant can answer a different set of questions. By showing participants only the questions they need to answer, you get better, more actionable data.

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Discover the enhanced version of our personality test format.

You now have the possibility to let participants select multiple answers to a question and to link a single answer to multiple profiles!