Over the last 10 years, Qualifio customers have used interactive marketing campaigns to collect qualitative data and build innovative engaging experiences for their users, whether that’s a puzzle, a photo contest or a memory game.

We’ve always thought of Qualifio as a tool that enables you to build your own content that adds interactivity to your channels and engages your audience. Today, we’re excited to take gamification to the next level with the runner game.

Runner game of the summer with Qualifio

What is a runner game?

As their name suggests, endless runner games have, well, no end. Users continuously “run” through the game with the point being to achieve the highest possible score. Game controls consist of jumping (up arrow on the keyboard) and sliding under obstacles (down arrow on the keyboard).

The runner game’s addictive nature and simple controls make it very accessible: virtually anyone can pick up and play. That’s why endless runner games have become quite popular in recent years. Let’s take two examples. Last year, Louis Vuitton released a runner game inviting their audience to play and be inspired by their Men’s Fall-Winter collection. Similarly, UNICEF launched an educational runner game on the occasion of World Children’s Day to raise awareness of children’s human rights.

Louis Vuitton's runner gameUNICEF's runner game

Runner game preview

Let’s take a look at the runner game of Qualifio. Try the preview to see if you like it!

Runner game features: infinite possibilities

Beyond the basic runner mechanics, there is some extra stuff that you may customise to make the game even more fun and give more visibility to your brand. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s up to you:

  • The scene is the rich landscape through which players will run, such as snow, the subway, the desert or, why not, your store. The game has one continuous level but several scenes, so you could even switch between day and night!
  • The protagonist is the player character, like a dog, a car, a skater, a dinosaur… you name it.
  • The obstacles are what the protagonist needs to avoid along the way. For instance: zombies, cars, water or trees.
  • The protagonist also needs to collect bonuses, e.g. diamonds, coins, gems or keys. These could also be your products or logo.
  • You may also decide on the life total, which is the number of life points that each player starts the game with.
  • Finally, you have the possibility to add powerful music (or a calming soundtrack, depending on the theme of your game!)

As usual, it is possible to show a leaderboard so participants can challenge the highest score of the ranking. Additionally, they may share scores with friends.

Get started

The runner game is available today via the Studio. We think you’ll love this game and what it means for engaging your audience. We can’t wait to see the games we’ll build together!

Questions? Want to jump right in? Please drop us a line or talk to one of our experts.