Today we’re very excited to announce a new game we’ve built: the catcher game.

The catcher game, an engaging Christmas experience for your community

The concept

Of course, the preview above might have pointed you in the right direction… But before we go any further, let’s get the definition part out of the way:

The catcher game is a fun and simple game where items fall from the sky and are caught by something at the bottom.

Every so often, a new object falls from the top of the screen at a random location. And the objective of the game is to catch them!

Get ready to start catching things

Catch as many presents and candies as possible. Watch out for the bombs!

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Why a catcher game?

  • Get new leads: increase traffic to your website, attract a larger audience and interact with new people.
  • Increase engagement: your audience won’t be able to keep their eyes off such a compelling game! Consider this: in January 2020, AirAsia celebrated the 10th anniversary of their loyalty program. On this occasion, the airline launched a similar game to reward their members by allowing them to win loyalty points. The operation was so successful that they decided to bring it back in May, with even more loyalty points to catch!
  • Craft an exciting experience and allow your audience to have fun in their everyday life. Who doesn’t need more fun? (Given the current context, this is obviously a rhetorical question!)

How many objects will you catch on this COVID-19 supermarket run?


Oh, and by the way, this is also a killer Black Friday marketing idea to stand out and boost your sales. Start building your own version of the catcher game today!

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All the features you need to engage your community

What do you wish could fall from the sky?


Tasty snacks?


(Yes, we’re really into food!)

Well, in the catcher game, these objects will quite literally be falling from the sky!

Now, imagine there’s a basket, a plate, a flat iceberg or a net to catch those falling items. This is the “catcher” (controlled by the mouse, the arrow keys or by touching the screen). Participants move the catcher horizontally to catch the falling objects.

This game can be great fun, but if it’s too easy, part of your audience might be unsatisfied. Fortunately, we have a solution to make it more challenging. Add weapons, guns, traps, monsters… Participants will have to make sure they don’t catch those!

Points will be added each time the participant catches a good falling object. If they catch a bad one, they’ll lose points or a life.


Looking for a similar way to encourage audience participation? Why not get creative with a runner game where the objective is to keep running and avoid obstacles that come in the way?

You set the rules of the catcher game

The catcher game comes with 3 fabulous ways to play:

  • The classic option is to challenge participants to catch as many objects as possible within the given time. This is the game mode we use in our Covid-19 catcher game: your goal is to catch as many objects as you can within 30 seconds.
  • Lives can make for a worthwhile challenge as well. Take the example of our catcher game above: when you catch a bomb, you lose a life. You can’t re-win this life.
  • Finally, you can also make participants play until a certain number of objects have fallen. Here, you have to catch as many basketballs as possible from a total of 20:

Once they have caught enough objects or time has run out, visitors can fill out the form to participate in your contest or get a reward (such as a gift card or a coupon).

Of course, the more they play, the more they develop their skill to do perfect catches. This is how they eventually complete the challenge and win some of your awesome prizes!

Wait, there’s more

There are so many ways to play the catcher game! You can also

  • add different sound effects for each type of object,
  • grant extra points when participants catch a specific object
  • and customise the speed of the fall. To make the game even more difficult, we can decrease the delay between each item drop so that more objects are falling at the same time.

Convinced yet?

Let’s build your catcher game now!

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Notice: Only the Studio will allow you to purchase a catcher game. Please refer to your Customer Success Manager or local contact at Qualifio for more information.