Are you looking for new ways to qualify your leads and collect better data in your CRM? Perfect! This article will explain you how you are going to enrich your CRM data thanks to interactive marketing campaign formats.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. More specifically, a CRM system is essentially a database in which you can store all data associated with your customers and prospects. This data can go from basic contact information (such as a name or an email address) to interests or purchase history.

Nowadays, most companies use CRM. The real challenge is in the actions you take to populate this CRM system: how do you keep collecting qualified data to enrich your profiles? This is where a data collection platform can play a part.


The explanation is simple enough: the point is to collect more accurate data so as to keep enriching your clients and prospects’ profiles. How? By interacting with them.

Interactive content may take the form of e.g. a quiz, a personality test, a contest, a survey, or a prediction game. It is thus the concept of gamification that is used: taking advantage of the fun aspect of games in order to achieve your data collection objectives more easily.

The data collected with Qualifio allows us to target our communication more accurately as well as to create more relevant interactions with our audience.”
— Géraldine Verbaert, Digital Team Leader at Eggo Kitchen

Why the data collection platform?

Obviously, the first benefit is the somewhat automatized enrichment of your CRM profiles. Creating an interactive campaign in Qualifio is very simple; no technical knowledge is needed. Data collected through such a tool can be pushed in real time into your CRM system so you don’t waste no time!

In concrete terms, you can use a CRM variable in your forms so that when someone completes the related field, the information they give is pushed into your CRM system right away. This way, you are always up to date with the latest information on your client.

Benefits are many but can vary based on your marketing objectives. Depending on your goals, some campaign formats will be more appropriate. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. You’re looking to… segment your database

Recommended formats to achieve this objective: a vote or a battle to collect data on your client or prospect’s preferences. E.g. segment your database and distinguish Apple lovers from Android lovers.

Segment your database with a battle

2. You’re looking to… increase the ROI of your retargeting campaigns

Recommended formats to achieve this objective: a survey or a personality test to qualify your database and target your ads accurately. E.g. define what their favourite product is and retarget them subsequently.

Improve the ROI of your retargeting actions with a personality test

3. You’re looking to… increase your email CTR through customisation

Recommended formats to achieve this objective: a ranking or a checklist campaign to get details on your clients and prospects’ affinities.

For instance, you can let them rank elements in order of preference. Subsequently, you can use this data to customise the content of your emails and maximise your CTR.

Eggo Kitchen’s interactive actions drove up their email opening rate to 50% and their CTR to 10%.

Find out how they did it →

4. You’re looking to… improve customer loyalty

Recommended formats to achieve this objective: a calendar or a contest to find out which clients/prospects are most engaged with your brand.

A calendar campaign encourages your audience to take part in your campaign and interact with your brand every day. Reward your most loyal fans and encourage purchase, e.g. with a promo code. Make the best of your time by focusing only on prospects who are most likely to convert.

Improve customer loyalty with a calendar

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As you can see, possibilities are endless and campaign formats can vary to meet your data needs. Every format above can be easily created with Qualifio, which integrates with the main CRM systems on the market such as Salesforce, Selligent or Splio. If you are already using one, we can also develop custom integrations to connect our platform to your favourite CRM.

Connect your CRM to a data collection platform and take your data strategy to the next level

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