In a cookieless world, the growing importance of zero-party data

The marketing world is facing a major challenge: a cookieless world, as Google will stop supporting third-party cookies. There is no doubt, the future of digital marketing is going to be impacted. But, marketers could turn this change into an opportunity. Solutions exist — first-party data and zero-party data being a big part of it — but for that, brands and advertisers need to take this reality into account right now.

What’s happening with third-party cookies?

Just in case you haven’t heard the news, after Safari, Firefox and Explorer, Google announced that it would phase out third-party cookies of its Chrome browser by the end of 2024. This means:

  • ❌ Advertisers won’t be able to collect data via third-party cookies.
  • 🗣️ The way they are targeting and segmenting audiences for digital advertising will change. They will need to connect or reconnect with customers in new and innovative ways.
  • 💻 First-party cookies aren’t going away. Brands will still be able to collect information about visitors to their own websites.

Don’t panic! This isn’t the end of digital advertising. Personalisation will still be possible beyond the third-party cookies. Alternative solutions exist (we’ll cover that in the ebook); the next couple of years will all be about testing, learning and adapting.

🍪 Cookie: a cookie is a small piece of code stored in a user’s browser when he visits a website. It enables collecting customer data to recognise them and keep track of their preferences to provide a better and more personalised user experience.

⚙️ First-party cookie: a first-party cookie is stored by the website that a user visits directly. It enables the browser to remember user information like purchase intentions, logins and language preferences.

3️⃣ Third-party cookie: a third-party cookie is created by websites other than the one a user visits directly, like advertisers websites and social media. It is used for tracking, retargeting and online advertising purposes.

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