Coop Supermarkten’s success story

Supermarkets face many challenges when going through their digital transformation. They are trying to maintain a close relationship with their consumers whilst adapting to their constantly changing expectations and preferences. More than ever before, supermarket chains are looking to increase their digital presence and to bridge the gap between the online and physical worlds.

In this context, we spoke with Leanne De Jong, content coordinator at Coop Supermarkten. Coop Supermarkten is the sixth largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands with a 3.7% market share and 300 store locations. For four years now, they have adopted an omnichannel strategy to reach current customers and acquire new ones.

Now that they have an increased presence online, they want to bring their customers online too, by making them buy online and, in fine, build and grow a real community around their brand. The chain plans to achieve this by using, amongst other things, Qualifio’s interactive formats to tell a story and collect newsletter opt-ins. So let’s take a closer look at how Coop Supermarkten have integrated interactivity in their strategy to reach their marketing objectives.

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