For their first campaign with Qualifio, Eggo Kitchen chose to highlight their partnership with Belgian hockey player Tom Boon. It allowed the brand, on one hand, to appeal to the hockey fans community in Belgium, and on the other hand, to engage their own digital audience.

Eggo Kitchen organised a photo contest in the context of which participants had to submit a picture to demonstrate their passion for hockey. Winners could thus meet Tom Boon in person and/or win autographed jerseys and hockey sticks.

Eggo Kitchen’s campaign objectives

This campaign had various goals for the brand:

  • Capitalise on Tom Boon’s notoriety in Belgium
  • Collect new profiles
  • Engage their digital community
  • Improve Eggo Kitchen’s brand image and notoriety

Eggo Kitchen's photo contest featuring Tom Boonen.

Why we love it

To start, it is Eggo Kitchen’s very first campaign with Qualifio.

Then, Eggo chose to call on an external jury to select the winners, which is a good way to avoid cheating. That way votes were not the sole factor influencing victory. (Apart from the ethical question, prevention of cheating in your online contests is important for a number of other reasons.)

Finally, we also liked the use of the Facebook Connect module, which uses data from the social network in order to automatically fill in the identification form. This allows the participant to skip this somewhat annoying step, or at least not having to manually enter their contact information.

In short, Eggo Kitchen chose a simple concept and ran an effective campaign.