Consent is a key element of the GDPR. It is one of the legal basis under which personal data may be processed. How should one understand and apply the notion of “consent” as presented in the European regulation? Are your data collection forms actually ready? Download our new free ebook to be sure!

The GDPR brings in new rules for obtaining consent. If the text defines consent as “any freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her”. Although the GDPR does provide a definition, it is not always easy to translate those legal requirements into real data protection measures.

Together with Frédéric Dechamps (Lex4u), we wrote a whole ebook dedicated to consent under the GDPR. It comes with 15 real-world examples to show you how to obtain user consent in full compliance with the new regulation.

Outline of the provisions, best practices and concrete examples… All of this can be find in our ebook!