The imagination of Michel et Augustin has struck again: in a few lines, discover the recipe for a great partnership campaign with Monop’ stores cooked up by Michel et Augustin.

To help people discover their products and their availability in Monop’ stores, Michel et Augustin are holding a photo contest with gourmet kits as prizes. Nothing could be simpler: just share your photo with your favourite Michel et Augustin product in front of a partner Monop’ store.

It’s a simple, viral operation, promoted in stores with posters and on the web via the Michel et Augustin website.

Thanks to a responsive campaign, participants can upload their photos directly from their smartphone as they leave the store. Each day, a winner will be announced in terms of number votes, as well as a “team favourite”, both of whom will receive a gourmet kit!

It’s a simple but effective operation that:

  • Raises awareness about retail sales points for Michel et Augustin products
  • Allows people to take part easily on their smartphone, in the store itself
  • Generates sharing on social networks
  • Generates web traffic from the store
  • Generates store traffic from the web

In short, it’s a great online operation in support of a physical partnership with Monop’ stores.

Discover the campaign

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Michel et Augustin32 Les trublions du goût

Michel et Augustin Les trublions du goût