If you are looking for inspiration to maximize opt-in to your newsletter on a future marketing campaign, Guerlain is undoubtedly an excellent example. Leader in perfumes and cosmetics, Guerlain has set up a competition around its “Météorites” product range on its Facebook page and has obtained an opt-in rate of… 52% to its newsletter!

In this example, find out how the brand achieved this with Qualifio and how you can achieve this stunning result too.


How Guerlain achieved an opt-in rate of 52% in one campaign

The “Météorites” cosmetics campaign was launched by Guerlain on a dedicated mini-site and the brand’s Facebook page. In order to participate in this campaign, visitors had to choose their skin tones from 4 shades, take a quiz and complete a form so that their participation could be taken into account. They were then drawn by the brand.

The secret of the opt-in campaign: a quiz

If the objective of your marketing action is to collect opt-in, the “quiz” is an ideal format. Classic but effective, this format allows you to ask relevant and/or fun questions to engage your audience.

Coupled with a form, and a prize, it allows you to collect additional information on your customers and prospects, such as, in the case of Guerlain, skin tone, age and, of course, first names and last names. You can then segment your audience to send them personalized communication. A golden opportunity to build loyalty.

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