There are different definitions of the term “engagement”, but let’s keep it simple and go with this one:

“Engagement measures the intensity and frequency of interaction between your audience and what you produce.”

The question is: how can you boost this intensity and frequency of interaction with your audience? Well, gamification is an excellent lever. Gamification involves the use of game mechanics (like quizzes, contests and personality tests to more entertaining and interactive formats) to increase the motivation, enjoyment and engagement of your audience and achieve the desired task.

That being said, with Qualifio you can create impactful digital experiences that can be activated via your digital and non-digital channels to boost your audience engagement with your brand, media, product, service, content, etc.

How to engage your audience with Qualifio

An example is worth a thousand words so let’s take NUTELLA®’s example. The brand brought together the online and offline worlds using a unique code campaign. NUTELLA® printed unique codes on its jars and distributed them in its different retailers. With that unique code, consumers had the opportunity to access an exclusive online contest and try to win 1 of the 2o toasters offered. Four months later, at the end of the campaign, NUTELLA® chose three people between all participants and offered them a trip to New York in 2021!

With this campaign, NUTELLA® managed to:

  1. Collect first-party data from its final consumer. Usually, the retailers are the ones processing this information, not the brand. How? With Qualifio, you can choose between launching an anonymous or identified campaign. In this case, NUTELLA® used a form to collect data from its participants.
  2. Link its online and offline channels to offer a 360º customer experience. How? Creation of unique codes online, distribution in-store, digital activation of the campaign and rewards.
  3. Bring traffic on its website. How? By promoting its unique codes and having a dedicated page for the contest. At the end of the campaign, a link was shared with the participants to redirect them to a page full of NUTELLA®-based recipes ideas. Yummy!
  4. Engage its audience in an original and interactive way. The brand made its consumers interact with its content originally and rewarded them for buying NUTELLA® products.
  5. Bonus: with this kind of campaign, the brand can see which retailer is performing the best and which country zones are responding better to these kinds of initiatives, but also see from which retailer their consumers are coming.


The Qualifio features to engage like a pro

1. Choose the format that best suits your idea and goals

You can choose among 50+ engaging campaign formats according to your target audience and objectives. Here are some examples:

  • The jackpot for game lovers! It’s a format easy to set up and super addictive. To increase virality and grow your social community, invite participants to share your jackpot on their social media to win an extra chance to spin the jackpot. See Gulli’s jackpot, the French television channel dedicated to children’s programming.

gulli qualifio marketing

  • The instant win for the hurried ones. It’s a quick game in which you can insert a form to collect data before the participant discovers if he won or not. Lays collaborated with Mastercard and the Champions League to create an instant win where participants could win €100 or a family ticket for a Champions League game.


  • The hidden object or spot the difference for the clever ones. Increase your average time on a page while challenging your participants. Here is an example of a campaign created by our Studio team — always ready to help our customers with great campaign ideas and beautiful design. In this campaign, you have to find the sunscreen before the lady turns red. Try it live:

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2. Create identified and anonymous campaigns

Define your objectives. Do you want to collect first-party data or to engage with your audiences? Qualifio gives you different options:

  • You can use forms to create identified campaigns. To make your form engaging instead of annoying, you can use progressive profiling in Qualifio. Ask the data in small bits rather than asking all at once.
  • You can use questions in anonymous campaigns to collect data. For example, include a question asking for the age and gender of your audience. This is how Vocento is doing to better segment its anonymous visitors.


3. Analyse the performance of your campaign

Track and monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns. How? Thanks to easy-to-read and interactive dashboards within the Qualifio Platform, updated in real-time and that will give you a quick overview of all your campaign performance. You’ll be able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. You’ll access figures like:

  • The number of participants to your campaign;
  • The channels they are using to participate;
  • The completion rate;
  • The page views;
  • The number of opt-ins;
  • Etc.

Bonus: integrate it with your marketing stack

With Qualifio, you can send your customer data to your marketing & data collection tools: CRM, DMP, SSO, email, automation, Analytics, etc. Native or custom integrations are available for you to break undesirable data silos. Check out how to connect Qualifio with your favourite tools.