When we released our online Team Selector in 2018, we were only starting to expand to the Nordic countries. Football, rugby, hockey, basketball, cycling, tennis… fans could pick the team of their dreams through our interactive campaign format and decide on the most popular players. However, the Team Selector was still missing something…

Without further due, Qualifio is introducing the ice hockey Team Selector!

Of all team sports, ice hockey is probably the most associated with the Nordic countries. Do your fans dream of being a professional ice hockey coach? Now, you can help them fulfil their dream by creating the perfect interaction for your match days:

Just like the other team sports, you don’t need to build your tactical composition. The Team Selector format does it for you, with a pre-built one. In the case of ice hockey, your users will be able to select their preferred team. For instance: one goaltender, two defensemen, one forward and two wingers.

Once they made their choice, they can submit their selection and their lineup image will be directly generated from it. They’re then encouraged to share it on Facebook, and you can enjoy the engagement created between your club/media and your community.

Let’s take a look at the amazing Team Selector features:

  • Create a great professional-looking campaign within minutes.
  • Users simply select the players to make their preferred lineup.
  • We’ve updated our format to provide the ability to share lineups. Watch as participants share them on Facebook! Share your Team Selector →
  • You can set a minimum and a maximum number of players to be picked from each position.
  • It’s possible to limit entries to only one per person.

Create your own Team Selector

Any questions about the Team Selector format? Read our quick start guide or get in touch with us. You can also request and vote for new features via Pendo Feedback.