NGroup is the media group bringing together the French-speaking radio stations Nostalgie, NRJ and Chérie in Belgium.


In 2012, NGroup was one of the first media groups to test the Qualifio platform, alongside the Rossel, RTL and Roularta groups. The idea of going digital and using interactive content to build lasting, meaningful connections with its listeners had appealed to the group. Due to a lack of digital resources, NGroup had not fully invested in the Qualifio platform and interactive marketing. It has only been two years since the group decided to focus on all its brands’ digital strategy with a very different DNA.


According to Solenn Bouw, head of digital working at NGroup for eight years, Qualifio was one of the levers that enabled them to achieve two essential marketing objectives:

  1. Traffic generation and the increase in the number of page views on its website;
  2. Customer data qualification and the growth of its CRM database to build a real community.

How did NGroup manage to integrate Qualifio’s interactive formats into its strategy? What impact has the pandemic had on its digital actions? What are its next challenges? This is what we have discussed with Solenn Bouw and what you’ll find in this success story. Have a good read!