In one year, the French television channel Gulli created more than 350 interactive marketing campaigns, published on its website. An approach that allowed the TV channel to engage its young viewers and offer greater visibility to its advertising partners through innovative formats. Today, the dedicated website section to these campaigns generates 40% of the total traffic of Gulli’s website.


Leader in on-demand youth content, Gulli is Lagardère Active Group’s television channel dedicated to children’s programming from 4 to 10. To retain young viewers and attract new ones, the channel reinforced its online presence with a website bringing together animated cartoons, series, replays but also interactive content such as games and contests. “Interactive formats are a real lever for our different teams: editorial, marketing and ad sales,” says Louise Visine, digital product manager at Gulli. To create its interactive campaigns, Gulli has been using the Qualifio platform since 2015.


A trendy format for media advertisers

Gulli mainly uses interactive content to offer interactive and innovative game mechanics on its website. Increasing advertising revenues and its audience are among the TV channel’s main challenges.

I use the Qualifio platform daily, and I work jointly with our ad sales team to design, enhance and implement specific actions for our partners. I create promotional campaigns based on our clients’ expectations and objectives,” says Louise Visine. She adds: “We have also created a document, which we share with our partners, bringing together all the mechanics that we’re able to create with Qualifio. We are always trying to highlight new mechanics to attract more partnerships that generate an audience.

In 2018, Gulli worked with various partner brands, such as Barbie, Futuroscope and Playmobil.

Interactive content as a way to engage its audience and increase the number of page views on its website

Gulli’s second challenge is editorial engagement. From the Kally’s Mashup Jackpot “Align three identical characters“, to the Tahiti Quest campaign “Vote for your favourite family“, to the Lego quiz, Gulli diversifies its formats to engage its audience.


These editorial games allow Gulli to multiply interactions with its audience but also to increase the number of page views on its website. “For the editorial games that remain on the website continuously, we have selected the mechanics that bring us the most page views, such as the puzzle or the memory game, for example. This is our main KPI, and we can say that since the implementation of Qualifio in 2015, our traffic on the “contests” and “games” website sections has increased considerably. Today, these two categories generate on average 40% of our total traffic.“, concludes Louise Visine.

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