Are you looking for innovative inspiration for your advertising offer? Do you want your advertising stand out from the crowd?

We invite you to discover the benefits generated by interactive content through a concrete example: the collaboration between TV3 Sport and Suzuki.

The partnership between a media and an advertiser

TV3 Sport, a subsidiary of Nordic Entertainment Media, (NENT), is a Danish sports television channel. The brand has teamed up with Suzuki to offer interactive and innovative advertising during the 2019 season of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“We were already planning to do a campaign around F1 races, but we wanted to offer a greater prize. So we looked for a partner to collaborate with and we found Suzuki.”

Janni Storm, Digital coordinator, TV3 Sport

The use of an innovative format: interactive advertising

The two partners offer a prognostic competition that has been running since March 2019 and finishes in December 2019.


After seven months of the campaign, more than 47,000 persons have already participated in the contest. There are many advantages to interactive content: increased visibility, increased audience, increased advertising revenue, collect opt-ins, etc.

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