Our product release articles tell you what’s new in Qualifio. This time, we introduce two major changes: the ability for our users to create dedicated minisites in just a few clicks, and the possibility to publish interactive campaigns in Facebook Instant Articles and on pages that load with Google AMP.

1. Create your interactive minisite in just a few clicks!

Have you ever published a Qualifio campaign on a minisite? The minisite is basically a dedicated webpage in which you can embed your interactive content. Meet our minisite editor. This new module lets you customise the whole look and feel of this page (including the menus) so that it corresponds to your graphic chart. Creating a minisite has never been so easy! With Qualifio, you build your minisite in just a few clicks, without any technical intervention.

Discover an example

How to create your ministe

2. Qualifio campaigns now compatible with Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP

We now offer both an Accelerated Mobile Pages, aka AMP, and an Instant Articles integration tags in Qualifio! This means that, yes, there are two new specific ways to publish your interactive campaigns.

Speeding up your interactive content

If your mobile website takes a long time to load, it doesn’t matter how great your content is, some people will leave the page before they see what’s there. Luckily, Google and Facebook both developed their own project designed to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. And with a bit of technical assistance, you can now embed your Qualifio interactive campaigns on both these types of pages!

Qualifio x Facebook Instant ArticleQualifio x Google AMP

Read more about Google AMP integration

Read more about Instant Articles integration

NEW! Integration scripts’ presence in Qualifio becomes optional. They will be managed through the advanced features, where you will be able to choose the integration methods you want to activate — which will be displayed in your account. E.g. You only want to embed your Qualifio campaigns through Javascript tags and are not interested in the other integration methods? You can simply hide those. (Which also means that the Instant Article and AMP integration tags are not available in Qualifio as standard features; they must be activated in advanced features, along with other integration methods.)

As a bonus…

We improved the design of our Stats and Global Stats screens. Discover those below!

New Stats module

New Global Stats module