Quick summary: oEmbed is designed to allow embedding content from a website into another page via an API. Qualifio users can now use it to embed surveys, rankings and other types of interactive content into their site. In this post, we will explore how you can simply use URLs to embed campaigns from Qualifio in your website.

We already offered embed codes that make it easy for our users to plug a campaign into their page. These codes work great for sites that support them, but options for embedding content differ greatly from site to site. That is where oEmbed comes in.

Qualifio now supports oEmbed as well, which means you can put interactive campaigns in any supporting website, including if that is the only way to embed content on it.

“The oEmbed standard definitely makes it easy for our customers to embed interactive campaigns into their CMS. All they have to do is insert the URL of the campaign in the content area of their website or blog.”

– Olivier de Lamotte, Head of Product

So what is oEmbed?

The open standard of oEmbed provides an easy way to place certain kinds of content, including Qualifio campaigns, on external websites. By including a URL that corresponds to the campaign you want, you get an embeddable iframe element.

Put simply, oEmbed is this incredibly simple technology that takes a URL and returns an iframe.

See it in action right here!

To embed a campaign, just paste the URL in the content area. I have posted a link to one of our campaigns below:

Embed a Qualifio campaign with oEmbed in WordPress

WordPress will instantly render the campaign when you are on the visual mode of your editor. This is what the above URL looks like instantly:

Embed a Qualifio campaign with oEmbed in WordPress

As you can see, you only have to provide the URL to the campaign you want to embed and we do the rest. All this while benefiting from the functionalities of JavaScript integration.

How to use the oEmbed feature in Qualifio

Using oEmbed is pretty simple really.

The normal use case is allowing users in a content management system (CMS) to simply copy-paste a direct URL to the campaign. When published, that link magically transforms into an embedded version of that campaign.

Don’t want users to mess with copy & paste JavaScript code to get a campaign in your CMS? If they have the URL to a Qualifio campaign, they can use oEmbed to generate an iframe for the campaign in question.

This document describes how to enable and use oEmbed to embed Qualifio campaigns.


oEmbed is a standard API to easily embed content from providers into your site. For Qualifio users, it’s a great way to get an embed code by just providing a URL to the campaign. Just remember, if you are just embedding interactive campaigns into blog posts, you don’t necessarily need oEmbed. You can still use our embed codes ?