It’s that time again. A new product review of Qualifio is coming so you can learn more about new features and enhancements from the period of April to July 2020. This time, there are eight new features we’d like to highlight.

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Progressive profiling to qualify leads

Today, getting to know your audience is key to create more relevant, personalised marketing campaigns and optimise your conversion rate. But you need to gather a lot of information before you can improve your marketing efforts and chances are that people visiting your site don’t like sharing too much data in web forms. As a consequence, they typically won’t fill out your forms or they’ll enter incorrect information, resulting in poor data quality in your CRM.

With progressive profiling, you can solve this critical problem of data collection! By using this technique, you can keep your forms as short as possible and have each additional interaction capture a few pieces of first-party data. You can thus gradually create effective customer personas.

Progressive profiling to qualify leads

Implementing progressive profiling is now possible thanks to prefilled form fields in Qualifio. When a lead returns to your channels, the prefilling system (Single Sign-On or URL parameters) can hide or lock information that has already been provided and ask questions based on missing data in the form.

Ready to take your forms to the next level? Learn how to hide or lock prefilled fields on forms in Qualifio.

Update of the Global Stats dashboard with better data visualisation

One of the biggest changes this quarter is the fact that we have developed a new Global Stats dashboard. The Global Stats are the central location for monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns and for Admins to get a comprehensive view of performance metrics.

The Global Stats are now faster, easier to read and better looking! Besides improved performance and a redesigned interface, here are the benefits of the updated Global Stats:

  • Quick access: The new dashboard is available from the top-level menu in Qualifio, right from the home page.
  • More data at a glance: Our updated dashboard consists of 22 interactive widgets with hourly updates to empower admins to easily visualise key statistics at the account level.
  • The dashboard is also home to a new section on traffic sources that shows where your participants were coming from.
  • You can now use new filter settings, allowing you to analyse data in all kinds of new ways. We added three filters: all participants vs new participants only, identified vs anonymous and the ability to filter on specific campaigns.
  • To download a PDF or PNG of the dashboard, click the Download option.

We hope the Global Stats will become your powerful ally as you work to create and publish Qualifio campaigns. Admins can see the improvements in action in their account. Or click here to see how our Global Stats dashboard works and the features we offer.

Mapping variables

Mapping variables are special variables used to store information that is to be passed from a campaign to your system. In Qualifio, you can use mapping variables to make integrations (or “data pushes”) more flexible.

Let’s see how to use the mapping variables with an example. Suppose you have a field named {locality} in Qualifio and in your system the requirement is to have the name as {city}. We will solve this problem with the help of mapping variables by creating a {city} variable that will match what is expected in your system.

Let’s see how to use the mapping variables with an example

Basically, mapping variables help you save time by making variable creation and usage really easy.

  • You are no longer limited to a maximum number of variables. You can create as many as you need and pick any label that is convenient for you.
  • There are various possibilities to create variables. Like, you can store the participant’s response or store a unique value.
  • The “Mapping variables” panel regroups all mapping variables which can you can then use numerous times in form fields or opt-ins. Soon you’ll be able to use them with questionnaire data too!

For more information, see the documentation.

Get a better email list by enabling double opt-in

We’re excited to announce that Qualifio has added an optional double opt-in to data pushes.

When this option is enabled, participants who sign up for your newsletter will need to verify their email address before being pushed and included in your mailing list. Upon submitting the form, the participant will receive an email. In that email, he or she will be able to click a confirmation link (or “double opt-in link”). Only after that will he or she be added to your mailing list.

Get a better email list by enabling double opt-in

This method requires an additional step from new subscribers, but it provides additional proof of consent and the person will be better qualified —the potential subscriber confirms that he or she really wants to join your mailing list.

Even though there’s no requirement under GDPR to have a double opt-in process, it can be a best practice to make your compliance easier in many countries. It is even required by law in certain regions that have a higher standard for consent, especially Germany.

To enable double opt-in for your data push or if you have any questions to understand how it works, contact our Support team.

What else is new?

There are also a number of smaller updates that we hope you will like, which include:

  • Two new templates, which you can apply to your campaigns and customise them in a few easy clicks.
  • The ability to share personality test results in tests with branching.
  • Previously if you were to delete a user, it would cause the “user” filter based on their name to fail in the campaign list. You can now select “Others” as a filter to include deleted users and, where applicable, users from other accounts.
  • The “open links as fancy boxes” feature has gone away. Chances are you weren’t using it, as it really wasn’t used by many people at all. And if you were, you don’t need to do anything, but if you have questions or concerns, please let us know.

What can we look forward to in the upcoming months?

  • An addictive endless runner game where the objective is to get the highest score (available on request via the Studio).
  • We’ll support oEmbed to add campaigns to your website. Just drop the URL of a campaign into your CMS editor and it will work!
  • The ability to combine open-ended quiz questions with an instant check on answers entered by the participant.
  • We’re completely rethinking the way we’re pushing data. In the coming months, you’ll be able to move more data from Qualifio to your other apps, including questionnaire data.
  • The ability to automatically attach opt-ins to campaigns set to be published on specific websites. Pre-selected opt-ins can still be detached from the campaign, while required opt-ins can’t be.

Thanks for reading! We’re here to make sure you have a great experience in Qualifio, so feel free to send us feedback or ask questions.