Who hasn’t dreamed of going on a free shopping spree in their favourite store for 100 seconds? Welcome to the “Crazy Run” by Media Markt.

Media Markt is Europe’s number one electronics retailer. In Belgium, the group uses the Qualifio app, at national level and soon also at local (store) level, to create and post its interactive online campaigns on its website and Facebook pages. So it was only logical for them to use Qualifio to manage the horde of wannabe crazy shoppers!

The principle behind an utterly crazy initiative…

Starting at midnight on 5 October 2015, candidates were able to sign up for “Crazy Shopping” on the Media Markt Belgium website or Facebook page. To be eligible, you had to be a Media Markt customer! How was this verified? One of two fields had to be filled in: in-store receipt number or online order number.

One of the goals? YouTube views!

Along with this personal number, there was also a quiz: participants had to answer a simple question and also analyse an embedded video in order to identify which product was chosen in the 11th second of this video. So the YouTube video was viewed and analysed by each participant!

Before identifying themselves, they also had to answer a tie break question, and an original one too: participants had to guess how many seconds it took the contest official to grab four products in the store and bring them to the cash register!
Qualifio was used to select the winners on the basis of their answers to the tie breakers, points and filters. And it was able to do this directly from the interface in just a few clicks, without having to use Excel.
Participants had until 11:59 p.m. on 18 October to sign up.

We interviewed Jean-Christophe Lokietek, Conversation & Public Relations Manager for Media Markt and project leader for this action.

Where did you get the idea for this initiative?

“It was imported from other countries in Europe (Italy & Spain). We decided on 100 seconds because it’s a round number that makes a good cut-off point and… the winner was able to grab around €25,000 in free stuff!

What were your goals for this action?

“The main aim was to thank Media Markt customers, to enhance our image and to go viral! We didn’t have any specific figures we wanted to reach, since this was a first for us at national level. However, we did count more than 15,000 players using the Qualifio tool, over 700,000 views of the teaser video and more than 2 million views in Belgium for the post announcing the contest!”

We can imagine that this type of action really grabs people’s attention… particularly the winner’s. Is that right?

“The winner was so excited when he learned he’d been selected for a free 100-second shopping spree…He didn’t sleep for two whole days!”

For Media Markt, it has been a real success in terms of going viral, but also for the number of online conversations it generated, for the qualification of their customer database with the opt-in for their future actions, and for the extensive media coverage (see below), locally, nationally and even beyond Belgium’s borders. (see press articles below)

The big winner is Wannes from Antwerp, who had his shopping spree on 23 October 2015 at the Media Markt store in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre (Brussels)! The reward: more than 25,000 euros in free stuff and a day he’ll never forget. Watch the video to see how he did it.

CrazyRun MediaMarkt par sudpresse



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