By putting interaction at the center of its campaigns, Nestlé keeps winning at customer experience.

Last year, Nestlé managed to collect and segment 100,000+ new profiles. How? By prioritising interactive marketing experiences and investing in the Qualifio platform, which allows the company to engage its audiences much further.

“Qualifio has transformed the way we interact with our audiences.”
– Jerome Camurani, Personalised Consumer Experience Manager

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Qualifio helps Nestlé take audience engagement to the next level

The Qualifio platform allows the quick creation of powerful digital interactivities that the company uses to engage with consumers: “Our multiple brands create interactive campaigns in minutes,” Jerome Camurani said.

With Qualifio, Nestlé gets to know its audience, one consumer at a time.

Camurani also credits Qualifio with giving Nestlé the ability to treat consumers as individuals: “Interactive campaigns provide us with quality data, directly linked to our CRM system.” These campaigns help the company answer key questions about its audience: do we know this person? where did they come from? what are they interested in? Or, in the case of its pet food brand Purina: do they have a dog? how old is it?

This data then enables Nestlé to adapt and personalise its communications to ensure that it fits what each customer is looking for. Qualifio has become essential to the company’s growth and future success: according to Camurani, it is now its main source of data.