Create great-looking quizzes, tests and polls in the form of a Tinder-like Swiper. Perfect for mobile! Surprise your audience with an original format, generate high volumes of participations and collect valuable data: profiles, hobbies, product preferences…

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Create swipeable campaigns with Qualifio

You can now create a Swiper quiz, personality test, or poll in Qualifio. With these 3 new Swiper campaign types, users can swipe cards (pictures or GIFs) left and right to scroll through questions. Swipeable formats make quizzes, tests and polls much more fun and easy to use!

How to create and customise a Swiper

Tinder-style formats

The dating app Tinder made thousands of people meet but also showed us how easy apps should be to use. Brands like Volkswagen, Sephora or TUI, but also various media (e.g. French newspaper Le Monde) already use such a format for various purposes.

Mobile first Swiper


Our Swiper formats provide more than a responsive design. They’re simply intended to be used on mobile websites and apps.

15 Swiper campaign ideas


  • Which players should go to the World Cup in Russia?
  • Actor/actress of the year: vote for your favourite!
  • Parliamentary election: who would you vote for?
  • Nailed it or failed it? Cast your vote on these red carpet looks!
  • Who’s the cutest celebrity couple?
  • Are you an iPhone or Android person?
  • Worst and best tweets of 2017


  • Are you a true Clint Eastwood fan? Did he make these movies?
  • What holiday destinations are served by our airline?
  • What political party do these politicians belong to?
  • Which tennis players has won a Grand Slam?
  • Which century do these inventions date back to?

Personality tests:

  • What gift should you offer your mum for Christmas?
  • Which car is made for you? Swipe through 40 models!
  • Jedi vs Sith: What type of Star Wars fan are you?