It’s that time of the month again 🥇So sit back, relax and enjoy our selection of five of our favourite interactive marketing campaigns created by our users in September. One thing is certain, back-to-school campaigns are firmly in the spotlight this month! 

Cinq Mondes’ anniversary campaign

The natural cosmetics brand, Cinq Mondes, decided to mark the occasion by organising a big campaign for the 20th anniversary of the brand. Here’s what they did:

  1. They chose a “click on the image” quiz
  2. They challenged users to test their knowledge about their brand by answering the 3 questions in the quiz
  3. They offered exceptional well-being prizes
  4. They added an identification form to collect data and opt-ins
  5. They promoted the campaign via their newsletter
  6. They made a draw between all participants

If you want to launch the same kind of campaign for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your objectives and needs together 😉


Picard’s Mediterranean quiz

In September, Picard launched their Mediterranean operation. This operation aimed to highlight a new offer with limited edition products and honour dishes from the Mediterranean to delight customers.

Picard launched a dedicated quiz for the occasion to engage consumers and highlight the limited edition products. They challenged participants to find the exact origin of their products by clicking on a map. As a result, 10 participants won a €50 coupon.


Findus’ phygital campaign 

With the help of ClearOn, the leading Swedish coupon provider, Findus launched a contest giving away Philips Air fryers and Findus products. To participate, consumers had to: 

1️⃣ Buy two packs of Findus products
2️⃣ Scan the QR code in-store and go on the contest website
3️⃣ Upload a picture of their receipts and enter their contact details

This campaign is ideal for bringing consumers online and linking the physical and digital worlds.


Currys’ World Cup runner 

Currys PC World challenged consumers to prove their dribbling skills and claim their place on the leaderboard with the chance of winning a TV! 

This first runner game is the first one of a series of fives games aiming at engaging consumers and increasing the brand’s visibility. During five weeks, they’ll challenge consumers with different games to prepare them for the upcoming World Cup. They even had the help of some well-known football players to promote all their games and go viral! 


Nestlé’s back-to-school rebus 

Nestlé launched a big game for back-to-school, giving away ten breakfast and ten snack boxes. Before playing the game, participants had to fill out a form in which a segmentation question was also asked: “What do you prefer to eat for breakfast?*. 

They had to select between four options: a savoury breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup, cereal with milk and fruit juice or muesli with cottage cheese and fruit.

Once they’d filled out the form, participants could play a rebus game. They had to guess the word hidden between the coded message. An excellent campaign that allowed Nestlé to engage consumers, promote their products and collect precious data.