About the company

PromoFarma.com is the leading eCommerce marketplace selling over 50,000 health, beauty and personal care products, direct to consumers, from hundreds of independent pharmacies and other health stores in Spain. Based in Barcelona, the eCommerce is now expanding its service through several European countries like France and Italy.

PromoFarma.com main challenges are to:

  • Attract new users;
  • Get to know its customers;
  • Increase engagement and brand awareness;
  • Boost website traffic;
  • Provide the most satisfying shopping experience.

Internal challenge: UX and Marketing
The UX team seeks to create a fast and efficient shopping experience for the customers while the marketing team aims to know customers better to increase CLTV (customer lifetime value). To do so, the team needs to find a way to collect personal, behavioural and interest data.

Interactive marketing as a main line of action

For a year and a half, PromoFarma.com has been using interactive marketing to tackle its different challenges. The eCommerce launched around 80 interactive marketing campaigns. Discover in this ebook the most powerful and inspiring ones.