We are happy to introduce new pop-up formats called Promotional Pop-Ups. Create and manage powerful on-site messages for your blog or website that drive traffic to interactive campaigns or any other content.

Design it the way you want it

As usual with Qualifio, no coding is required. Our intuitive drag & drop editor gives you complete control over the design of your pop-ups to make them match the design of your website. You can customise everything from fonts and colours to the images and more.

If you prefer, you can also create beautiful pop-ups in minutes thanks to our ready-made templates: choose one, customise the style and there you go!

promotional pop ups

To increase the effectiveness of your promotion campaign, you can choose when and where the pop-up appears through different timing and display rules.

Track conversions of each pop-up

Moreover, you also have access to a dashboard where you can monitor how many pop-ups were shown (impressions) and how many conversions each pop-up generated (clicks on a specific button or image). This kind of visibility into your Promotional Pop-Ups will allow you to experiment and test different offers and messaging to determine what works best for your audience.

Why use Promotional Pop-Ups?

We’re glad you asked! Here are 5 reasons to get started with Promotional Pop-Ups by Qualifio:

  • Convert visitors into participants and leads
  • Catch and drive people’s attention
  • Promote your campaigns (or any other content) in an awesome way
  • Increase brand awareness and engage visitors on your website
  • Drive more traffic to your campaigns by promoting them in relevant places

Let’s take a closer look →