If you’re looking for successful examples of sports marketing, the Paris Saint-Germain is an excellent source of inspiration. Having become a truly international brand, the French football club is followed by tens of millions of fans on its various channels. To engage its audiences, the club regularly uses interactive content as a lever for engagement and relational marketing.

In this example, discover the functioning and results of one of its most viral campaigns: the PSG’s “Advent Calendar“. This campaign, created with Qualifio, was successfully used by the football club to build audience loyalty and collect opt-ins.

Interactive content in sports marketing

Sport is usually a very popular subject for your campaigns, and therefore a driver of virality. Whether you are a sports brand yourself or not, you can do sports marketing. For example, capitalise on highlights such as the World Cup to create more engagement with your audiences, build loyalty and collect information.

But you still need to choose the right formats! Interactive formats, as opposed to static formats, are ideal for creating conversations with your visitors around these events. Quizzes, polls, quizzes, personality tests, team selection, etc. allow you to engage your visitors in a fun way and attract them regularly on your digital channels. Thanks to the forms usually contained in these campaigns, you can also collect segmentation data. These will help you to personalise your communications to improve your ROI.

In the client case below, discover a special case of sports marketing, which uses interactive content: the Advent calendar of the PSG.

The Advent calendar, an ideal format for loyalty-building

If the objective of one of your actions is loyalty, like the PSG for its campaign, the “Advent calendar” format is ideal. Every day, give your participants a chance to win a new prize. It will encourage them to come back every day.

You can also use such a campaign as a means of collecting data: surname, first name, age, but also favourite football team, interest in this or that sport, etc. Each relevant piece of information is a lever for personalisation, which will allow you to personalise your communications and increase the loyalty of your audiences.