Today, Qualifio announces that they’ve added support for 19 new languages. Together, these languages are spoken by more than 1.4 billion people worldwide. Let’s dive into the details.

The Qualifio platform continues to grow and develop internationally, and this means we need to add support for languages that are used by our newest customers’ audiences, including languages spoken in Eastern Europe and Asia.

We’re proud to announce that, last year, we have launched 19 additional languages for interactive marketing campaigns, bringing our total number of supported languages to 41.

Supported languages in Qualifio campaigns

Përshëndetje, zdravo, estonski! Here are Qualifio’s 19 new supported languages

The new languages are:

✅ Albanian
✅ Bosnian
✅ Bulgarian
✅ Croatian
✅ Estonian
✅ Hebrew
✅ Indonesian
✅ Japanese
✅ Latvian
✅ Lithuanian
✅ Macedonian
✅ Montenegrin
✅ Romanian
✅ Serbian
✅ Simplified Chinese
✅ Slovenian
✅ Thai
✅ Traditional Chinese
✅ Ukrainian

While some of the most common languages around Europe were already supported, some were still missing. So we’ve expanded our capabilities by adding new languages to our platform.

41 supported languages

Qualifio now supports interactive campaigns in the newly added languages. You can create Qualifio campaigns in any of 40+ supported languages. In addition to these languages, our platform (back-office) is available in 6 languages.

Knowledge base: You can also check out the supported languages here.

Need to support an additional language? Let us know!