New: Promotional Pop-Ups

Create, personalise and launch promotional pop-ups anywhere on your website, without coding. Drive traffic from your website and generate more leads and participants to your campaigns. Launch quickly with templates and target the right website visitors.

Next-level drop-down form fields

Populate drop-down form fields using a web service. This new feature lets you use a form field to specify a value (e.g. postal code). Then, that value is passed to a web service that in turn populates a drop-down list with the results that match the value in the input field (e.g. nearby car dealers).


More campaign languages

We’re announcing the launch of 12 new campaign languages, which will help you expand your global reach, wherever you operate. This means that, as a multi-country brand, you can now create a campaign in more than 30 languages.


Save time with our new design templates


Browse our new stunning design templates. Pick your favourite and then customise it in Qualifio without writing code.

Automate campaign publication with Campaign Feeds

A Campaign Feed is a URL that contains the data for the campaigns you want to display on your website. Before displaying the content, Qualifio fetches the campaigns meeting your specified criteria. The campaigns of the feed are then available for participation on your website.

Connecting Qualifio to Actito is now faster

We teamed up with our partner Actito to complement Qualifio’s data collection with personalised marketing automation, now available through a native and even more robust integration.

Easy integrations with Openfield and Sogec coupons

Set up and enable an Openfield integration in your account to display a login/sign-up screen to campaign participants.
Also, Qualifio and French coupon solution Sogec joined forces to help you distribute unique coupons to your customers using email thanks to their new integration.

New Skip button for animated games

Based on high user demand, we’re introducing a new “Skip” button for the Swiper, Puzzle, Memory and Guess the Word formats. This time-saving option can improve your data collection efforts by letting participants skip your campaign’s game step and go directly to the registration form.

? More

  • Improvement to unique codes management: Generate batches of codes with unique or unlimited use.
  • DataLayer made better: Pass new information (i.e. parent URL and campaign domain) from your campaign to your tag manager.
  • Updated Qualifio Help Center: Our new help centre is ready for you!
  • Renamed tacit opt-ins: We’ve changed the naming of the “tacit opt-ins” to “opt-out consents” to more clearly indicate their function.
  • New German website (Beta): Qualifio is proud to announce the launch of our new German website. We’ve launched in Beta, meaning the website’s been designed, built, and populated with content but we’ll still spend a bit of time getting everything in order.
  • Bonus: A new interface has shown up in parts of Qualifio! It’s prettier and gives you better performance, with page transitions up to twice as fast.

⚙️ What we’re working on

  • Enhanced Global Stats dashboard with substantial enhancements, performance boosts and infrastructure improvements.



  • Custom variables, name-value pair tags that you can define to manage your data. This would eventually replace the current CRM and SSO variables.

? Good to know

Use Receptive (now Pendo Feedback) to request new features or suggest modifications to existing ones. Your comments and ideas are very important to us. We read each and every message, send personal replies and use this information to improve our product.

Note: If you are reporting a suspected bug, need technical support or have a Qualifio-related question, please visit our Help Center and send us a request from there.