“Repeat it!” is Qualifio’s new game to test participants’ memories. The goal is simple: reproduce the longest sequence of images and sounds randomly generated by the game.

Challenge participants with every sequence

How do you play this game? It’s easy to understand!

A round (or “level”) in the game consists of one or more images being activated, after which the participant must repeat that sequence by pressing the images. The more they play, the more complicated the sequences become, building suspense with each turn. That’s the basics of the Repeat it! game.

Watch the images get activated while listening to the sounds played. Try to repeat the sequence that gets longer with each round. Turn on your speakers to hear the sounds!


As participants keep track of their score, they can challenge their friends or try to beat their own high score by completing the longest sequence possible without messing up.

? Notice: only the Studio will allow you to purchase a Repeat it! game. Please refer to your Customer Success Manager or local contact at Qualifio for more information.

Allow participants to train their memory, or simply to have fun

Why choose the Repeat it! game? Because it can help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Boost the exposure of your brand and improve product recognition

Are you looking to increase brand awareness from your audience on Mother’s Day? As you saw in the example above, this game is perfect for encouraging participants to learn about your products through play.

Featuring images and sounds, Repeat it! is an excellent game to train the memory of your participants. The more they play, the more they stimulate and improve their ability to memorise and recognise your products.

Add a bit of fun so your online community can enjoy it more

Would you like to deliver entertainment to your online audiences and increase their overall engagement? Create interesting Mother’s Day content without focusing on selling:

Mother moments: Create interesting Mother’s Day content without focusing on selling

Repeat it! is among our most addictive and challenging memory games, as its difficulty grows faster than many of the other games in our catalogue. The excitement builds as they try to keep pace with the sequences as they get more and more challenging. Your audience will love this memory game and will keep playing on!

What if your objective is to obtain new leads?

This is also possible, as Repeat it! comes with an integrated and fully customisable form. You can adapt it to your own needs, asking the participants only for the information that you seek, and send the data directly to your CRM, webhooks, Zapier or other tools.

Launching an online contest is one of our favourite ways of generating more leads for any type of holiday, including Mother’s Day:

Enter our contest and win a prize for your mother

?? Not sure how to make this day special? Get inspired by our Mother’s Day campaign ideas.

The not-so-simple Repeat it! game

This game is simple, but can quickly become a challenge. In the Repeat it!, you can change the game’s difficulty level thanks to two different gameplays:

  • Classic – Repeat the sequence in the same order. The “classic” gameplay focuses on one sequence getting longer and longer until the participant is out. In each round, a new image is added to the sequence and the game becomes all the more difficult as the participant’s memory is put to the test.
  • Random – The sequence will change at every level. With the “random” gameplay, if the participant repeats the sequence correctly, they go to the next level with a different sequence to remember.

Can you remember the sequences? Turn on your speakers to hear the sound effects.


⭐️ Tip: Usually, each image would play a unique sound, which helps to memorise the sequences. For extra mental gymnastics, we associated the same sound to all the images! Experience the fun as you repeat the patterns and advance to higher levels.

The game also has two game modes for more variety and challenges:

  • Life-based mode: If the participant gets the order wrong, they lose a life as a penalty and they must try again. The game is over when they lose all their lives. It means that if the participant doesn’t make any mistake, the game goes on, so it is an endless game!
    ✌? Tip: Work with a “sudden death” game mechanic to boost your participants’ brainpower. With only one life available, the game is over as soon as the participant fails to complete a sequence successfully.
  • Time-based mode: Participants have to be quick to repeat as many sequences as they can before time’s out. If they fail to repeat a sequence exactly, the game will respond with a “fail” message and the participant will have to try again.

Take a look at this time-based demo and play the game. Don’t forget to turn up the volume to enjoy the sound effects!


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  • Turn sound effects on or off: the participant can mute the sound thanks to the button located at the top right corner of the game.
  • Randomly generated sequences: participants can replay as many times as they wish because every time they play, the game will be different!
  • Show the high scores: participants can compare their progress to other participants through leaderboards.
  • Fully configurable: we understand that your individual game design will vary based on your industry, target audience and brand style. That’s why it can be customised with your company’s logo and branding colours. What’s more, you can change the starting level, number of images (max. 12) and sound effects.
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices: desktops, tablets, smartphones, iOS or Android.

Why is Qualifio creating premium games? You asked – we answer!

As we stated above, only the Studio will allow you to purchase a Repeat it! game. Why is that? We’re constantly introducing new features and improvements to Qualifio, but here are a few highlights.

In case of any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Our team is waiting to help you.