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Here at Qualifio, we’re on a mission to become the #1 interactive marketing & data collection platform for businesses in Europe. This quarter, we’ve been working hard on a few updates to get us closer. Let’s review!

In case you missed it: Our team has hosted a webinar to talk about brand new features, integrations and a glimpse of the future! > Click here to watch the video

Webhooks 2.0

Allow us to introduce our brand new webhooks, featuring a new and richer payload to help you keep info up-to-date across teams and apps.

And, if you work with authentication, we’ve got you covered – webhooks 2.0 support authentication headers. Pretty cool, right?

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Push rules

Highly requested and highly anticipated, we’ve added push rules to Qualifio. Create rules at the website, Master Form and campaign level, and view where your data is transferred, all-in-one. Our push rules interface is built for rapid push management as you expand and add more rules.

Push rules in Qualifio

If you have an existing data push integration, head over to the Settings in your account to get started. Or read our help article for a little more info:

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Third-party games

We’ve been thinking of ways for every business using Qualifio to provide the best interactive experience for their customers. What if your custom-built game could run into Qualifio?

Third-party games bring the best of both worlds to help you take your marketing to the next level. You can combine the cool marketing ideas from your agency, with the data connections and privacy workflows you already have in Qualifio! Here’s everything you need to know.

Repeat it!

FYI along with this new option, we’ve also rolled out a new premium game named Repeat it!.

Repeat the summer vibes, a memory game by Qualifio

If you want it, we should chat.

OAuth 2.0 SSO integration

In April, we launched our new OAuth 2.0 integration.

Qualifio’s single sign-on integrations have always been powerful and robust, but now they’re even easier to use. Using our native connector, you can quickly integrate with any OAuth-based identity provider or custom solution.

ClearOn integration

New partner alert!

We’ve just launched a new integration that lets you send coupons from ClearOn right to new participants in Qualifio.

Qualifio X ClearOn coupons

Here are just a few things the new integration lets you do:

  • Distribute coupons to new or existing customers.
  • Offer targeted discounts according to scores or profiles.
  • Improve campaign conversions with smart incentives.

For details, including how the integration works and how to set it up, click here.

Polishes & fixes ✨

Our engineers brought out some extra power from Qualifio so you and your participants get a seamless experience. We’ve squashed some bugs and made it possible to:

✅  verify your domain on Facebook,
✅  visualise survey results using charts,
✅  view Global Stats from only certain countries
✅  and generate smart links that can be easily shared on the internet.

It’s really important to us to maintain Qualifio and keep it running smoothly for you, so thanks for being patient and rest assured more improvements are on their way!

Coming up next

In the coming months, we’ve got a whole load of improvements and new features to build to make the Qualifio app stronger and more useful to you. So, what’s in store?

✋?  More options to limit participations,
?  a more organised and flexible way to export data,
⚡️  a new version of the photo editor
?  and even more polish to make the app nice and shiny.

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Thanks for your support!

We hope you enjoy these new updates!

If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d really love to hear your feedback!