Founded in 1954, the STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) transports every day nearly a million people on its metro, tram and bus network. In the age of social media, that’s a lot of people to animate, engage and retain. In order to achieve this goal, the STIB-MIVB relies on content marketing with their blog: STIB-MIVB Stories, which is mainly made of “behind the scenes” content from the company. More recently, the STIB started creating interactive content. We spoke to Florence Manente, Social Media Editor at the STIB-MIVB.

The STIB-MIVB has more than 70,000 Facebook fans and 113 thousand followers on Twitter. How do you manage and interact with these communities?

“The management of social media at the STIB is divided between two departments: Customer Care, which responds to complaints, questions and comments on social media, and Communication, which deals with content creation. This is where I have been working for more than three years now. Since a bit less than a year, three more people have joined the team and together we manage the entire content production and promotion for the STIB.

Therefore, we now have more time to do nice and creative things,” Florence Manente explains. “And that’s exactly where Qualifio helps: it allows us to have fun with the tool within our department.”

Can you give an example of a creative interactive campaign you created with Qualifio?

“Recently, we set up a personality test “What STIB-MIVB line are you?” It was an interactive test to discover, based on the participant’s answer to a few questions, which subway, tram or bus line of our network best matches your personality. This action was a big hit! We had more than 6,500 entries and around 150 shares on Facebook.

Personality test: What STIB-MIVB line are you? | Qualifio

“For me, this is a very good example of what we’re trying to do. The idea of creating such a test for our community of travelers had been on my mind for some time, but I did not know how to implement it. With Qualifio, it was very easy! Thanks to the wide range of formats in the platform, we can give free rein to our creativity and do things that would otherwise be too difficult and expensive.”

Are there other campaigns that you ran with Qualifio?

“Yes, we have already created more than fifty campaigns! Honestly, Qualifio is great because it enables us to present our content in a different way. It’s quick, it’s simple, and the interactive aspect of the campaigns brings very good results in terms of engagement. We clearly see that users are more likely to engage with and consume our content when it’s presented in a fun and interactive way.

“Qualifio is easy to use tool and allows us to give life to our creative ideas!”

“We also use interactive campaigns to engage another of our communities: our employees. There are more than 8,000 workers at the STIB and many of our colleagues follow us closely on social media”, says Florence Manente. “Contrary to what we previously thought, this audience is quite different from our travelers and does not react in the same way to our campaigns. It is therefore very interesting for us to have the opportunity to engage both our customers and our employees with a single tool.”

The STIB-MIVB celebrates Valentine’s Day with Qualifio!

For Valentine’s Day, the STIB-MIVB proposed to its travelers to share their most beautiful declaration of love through a writing contest:

Valentine's Day writing contest by STIB-MIVB | Qualifio
“What declaration of love would you like to make to your loved one and see displayed on our screens?”

The winning declarations were then displayed on the network’s wait time screens at various locations in Brussels. A nice surprise for travelers and an original way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!