Qualifio’s data collection & interactive marketing platform allows Transdev, a key global player in the mobility market, to answer the marketing needs of its transport subsidiaries throughout France and Europe. Today, 15 French transport networks use Qualifio to engage their audiences and collect customer data.

Transport operator Transdev is active in 20 countries on 5 continents. In each of its markets, the group owns transport subsidiaries whose marketing teams aim at develop offers tailored to their targets’ wants and needs. Leonardo Mastromauro works as CRM and digital marketing manager at Transdev. In the interview below, he tells us a bit more about the multinational’s digital challenges.

“You may see us as an internalised digital marketing agency”

As a CRM and digital marketing manager, what is your mission within the Transdev group?

Leonardo Mastromauro: We have three main goals. The first one is to define a CRM and digital marketing strategy for our transport subsidiaries. The second one is to develop marketing tools or programs that meet the needs of each subsidiary. Finally, our third objective is to facilitate the tools’ adoption by properly training each subsidiary’s marketing managers so they can use those within the context of their function. You may see us as an internalised digital marketing agency: we implement marketing tools and help Transdev’s transport subsidiaries to use them.

“Collect customer data to develop offers tailored to our targets’ needs”

How does Qualifio’s platform help you meet your marketing challenge(s)?

LM: Our #1 marketing challenge at Transdev is to figure out how to collect qualitative and relevant customer data so as to be able to target them with appropriate communications. To do so, subsidiaries of our network use Qualifio to collect data on their customers through games, competitions and other interactive formats. We also use the platform to promote our global corporate image and involvement in public mobility.

Why did you choose Qualifio as a marketing tool?

LM: We knew that our main challenge was to collect actionable marketing data. We turned to Qualifio because their tool is focused both on digital marketing and GDPR-compliant data collection. We chose their platform for three reasons: its ergonomic and functional design, its ease of use and deployment across our multiple brands, and its diverse portfolio of campaign formats. Amongst solutions available on the market, Qualifio was simply the most appropriate one for our group and, I believe, for organisations in our sector. Today, 15 transport subsidiaries, including Isilines and Tadao, are using Qualifio in France to enrich their customer database. And we hope to deploy the use of the platform in the United Kingdom soon!.

Transdev is not the only transport network to use Qualifio.
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