Knowing your audience is one of the key objectives for business growth, whether from an editorial or economic point of view. Whether you are a small or large media group, reporting local or international news, the success story of the large Spanish media group, Vocento, might interest you.

To maintain its position, a group like Vocento must set ambitious and ongoing challenges. Find out how it qualifies visits to its website, determine the profile of its readers, connect with its audience and monetise its marketing efforts.

In this success story, we also tell you how ABC, one of Spain’s largest newspapers and a member of the Vocento group, managed to generate more than 50% of its registered users.

“For our national daily newspaper, ABC, over 50% of our monthly registered users are obtained thanks to the actions we are putting into place with the Qualifio platform. So far this year, ABC alone has created 500 actions.”
Laura Velasco, User Strategy Director @ Vocento.

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How can you generate more than 50% of your registered users from gamification?

In this success story, Vocento explains how gamification has become one of their tactics for collecting data on and getting to know its audience. They also talk about how interactive campaigns are used to create strategies to get regular visits to its various media and increase visitor engagement.

Vocento’s strategic vision for data collection and gamification is clear: they open the door to monetising its audience through various marketing actions. Their challenges?

  • Improve the engagement of its target audience and send them relevant communications based on their interests and aspirations;
  • Increase brand loyalty and offer a paid subscription, or any other product or service;
  • Segment its audience, based on socio-demographic and behavioural data, in order to identify visitors with a high probability of conversion;
  • Monetise media advertising space and offer more value to advertisers;
  • Have a positive impact on media performance indicators: traffic, time spent on the site, bounce rate, number of page views, article sharing, etc.