Make customer engagement easy with Qualifio Engage

A data collection and interactive marketing module that grows passionate communities.


Qualifio Engage enables large brands and media groups to engage audiences across digital channels via 50+ interactive formats (quizzes, contests, surveys, tests, animated games, etc.). Fully GDPR compliant, the module allows the collection of rich first- and zero-party data that can be pushed to your existing systems for data enrichment. More than 400 clients currently use Qualifio Engage across Europe.

What can Qualifio Engage help you with?

Use interactive content to collect valuable data and build meaningful relationships.

Improve your brand awareness with engaging quizzes, contests, polls and over 50 other interactive formats.

Convert your visitors into customers with high conversion campaigns, published easily and quickly on your website.

Enrich your knowledge of your customers by collecting first- and zero-party data in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner.

Leverage a data-driven marketing strategy by feeding customer data into your existing marketing tools.


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“With Qualifio, we engage our customer base while respecting our commitments and our brand image. The variety of formats and the ease of use of the module allow us to be reactive and stay one step ahead of our competitors. In less than an hour, I can create my marketing campaign, personalise it and publish it on our website.”

Lucie Bonadies

Loyalty manager

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“Qualifio has become essential at a national as well as a local level in terms of gamification. We needed an easy-to-use tool with responsive customer service for our 29 stores, all of which are using the module daily to collect customer data and provide personalised communications.”

Jean-Christophe Lokietek

Conversation & public relations manager

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“Today, the conversion rate of our Qualifio contests lies between 5-10%. That means that out of 25,000 unique participations we get 1,200-2,500 new print magazine subscribers. In total, for all our brands, Qualifio represents around 45% of our leads generated.”

Johannes Orskov

Digital Lead Specialist

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How will you use Qualifio Engage?

Five steps to creating more engaging marketing experiences.


Choose from over 50 interactive formats to create a campaign that converts, with no coding needed.



Embed your campaign into your website or mobile app, share it on social media, send it out by email or build a dedicated minisite.



Run GDPR-compliant data collection campaigns thanks to a set of dedicated features.



Visualise and extract in real time the profiles you’ve collected and your campaign statistics.



Connect the module with your marketing tools to improve segmentation, monetisation and personalisation. Ensure your teams have the data they need with our growing catalogue of integrations.

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