The key features to bring customer engagement to the next level

50+ interactive formats, cross-channel publication, GDPR toolbox, advanced stats, integrations, and more!


Choose from over 50 interactive formats

Contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, personality tests, marketing games… Choose your format from our catalogue and build your campaign in minutes. Thanks to our intuitive and powerful campaign builder, no technical skills are required.

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Enjoy the freedom of full customisation

Build your campaign in more than 40 languages.

Customise and edit the campaign layout, from header to footer, to fit your brand.

Use a template from our library or create and manage your own templates.

No coding is needed to reach high-end designs, but you can take full control of your campaigns with custom CSS, HTML, or JavaScript.

Publish to every digital channel

Create once and deliver anywhere with Qualifio Engage.


Embed your campaign on your website or blog by copying the HTML iframe or JavaScript code.

Dedicated minisites

Create your minisite from scratch! Customise the URL and publish your campaigns on your domain or subdomain.

Social media

Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Snapchat or TikTok. And with our social sharing options, it’s easy to grow your audiences!

Mobile apps

Show your interactive campaigns in your mobile app to provide a unique user experience.

Display ads

Serve your message across different ad formats on your media and through programmatic buying.


Promote your campaign by email to boost both participations and your click-through rate. Pre-fill forms with information you already know about your subscribers.


Promote your interactive campaigns via website pop-ups created in minutes thanks to our design-friendly editor.

Collect zero- and first-party data

Collect actionable and qualitative data with powerful forms.

  • Select your form fields from 30+ different types.
  • Provide users with multiple means to authenticate (SSO systems, Facebook Login, etc.). 
  • Use CAPTCHAs to make sure your forms don’t get spammed.
  • Pre-fill forms with the information your visitors already provided.
  • Use real-time field validation to ensure data quality.
  • Easily create opt-ins and track consent for GDPR email marketing.
  • Request email address validation to spot fake accounts at registration time.
  • Create conditional workflows to offer targeted user experiences and improve form conversion rates.

Ensure full GDPR compliance

Access Qualifio’s GDPR Toolbox, a set of features dedicated to your compliance needs.

  • Empower your DPO with a single point of control for all PII.
  • Set automated data retention rules that reflect your business needs.
  • Manage consent to demonstrate that you are enforcing regulations.
  • Easily find, sort, erase or export participants’ personal information.
  • Define default privacy policy templates to inform your users about how you handle their personal information.
  • Link Qualifio to your CRM so you can erase data in Qualifio at the same time as you erase it from your CRM

Integrate with the data tools you’re already using

Break down data silos by sending data collected with Qualifio Engage to your other marketing and data tools. Qualifio offers a set of ready-made integrations with the most common business software solutions, as well as custom integrations to fit your specific needs.

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Get advanced stats

Get instant insights and monitor your performance throughout the year.

  • Access detailed reporting at campaign and account level thanks to our easy-to-read dashboards. 
  • Check all data collected and draw winners.
  • Fully export the data out of Qualifio. 
  • Set up pixels and tags to send information from Qualifio campaigns to Facebook, Google Analytics and more, and do retargeting.

And all of this in real time.

Explore Qualifio Engage’s latest features

Our teams are working hard to provide you with the features you need to grow your audience and collect data seamlessly.



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