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Collect actionable data and build meaningful relationships with your customers using interactive and gamified experiences.

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We provide you with a solution composed of two powerful, complementary and easy-to-use SaaS modules.

Qualifio engage

A data collection and interactive marketing module

Generate engagement and capture data via quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats.

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Qualifio Loyalty

An interaction based loyalty module

Reward and segment members with interaction-based programs that go beyond purshases.

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Why choose Qualifio?

Qualifio is the leading European first- and zero-party data collection platform for consumer brands.

Actionable data

Collect first-party and zero-party data

Stay agile

Easily use our platform, no technical skills needed

Stand out

Choose among 50+ interactive formats & build custom loyalty programs

Integrated data

Integrate our platform with your tools, no data silos

Privacy law compliance

Be GDPR compliant & transparent

Control your budget

Have control of your production costs

They engage their audiences daily, thanks to Qualifio

400+ brands and media groups around the world playing, building and standing out with Qualifio.

“We want to have a real conversation with our consumers and make them think, and interact around the themes we have. We don’t want our consumers to only see ads with our products. We want to tell them a story, and Qualifio is a great storytelling tool for that. It enables us to inspire and inform our target group, to give more depth to our main messaging.”

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“The wide range of games available in the Qualifio catalogue allows us to vary our campaigns. We’re then able to follow the evolution of a campaign in real-time so that we can react and adapt a campaign if necessary, thanks to the statistics provided by the tool.”

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“With Qualifio, we can increase the number of contacts in our database and work on improving the quality of these contacts. When we launched the data capture program, we were at 0 contacts in our CRM. Today, in Italy, where we started the first pilot program, more than 50% of the contacts come from Qualifio.”

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“We try to make campaigns that are out of the ordinary and to communicate as much as possible with our target audience, whether on our social media channels or via our newsletter. The games created with Qualifio every month help us in this process. We convert 10% of new leads coming from Qualifio into buyers.”

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“The conversion rate of our Qualifio contests lies between 5-10%. That means that out of 25,000 unique participations we get 1,200-2,500 new print magazine subscribers. In total, for all our brands, Qualifio represents around 45% of our leads generated.”

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Qualifio works with the tools you’re already using

Integrate your existing systems: CRM, marketing automation, DMP, CMP, analytics and many more!

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