Make customer loyalty easy with Qualifio Loyalty

An interaction-based loyalty module that helps you grow passionate communities.


Qualifio Loyalty enables B2C brands across industries such as entertainment, media and sports to change the way they do loyalty marketing. With this module, you can reward customers for all types of interactions throughout their entire journey in order to grow your community and build loyalty.

What can Qualifio Loyalty help you with?

Create interaction-based loyalty programs and build meaningful relationships.

Increase customer lifetime value: nurture your customers over time.

Boost customer engagement: integrate interactive content into your loyalty programs thanks to a module natively connected to Qualifio Engage, and reward related interactions.

Break down data silos: consolidate your data by connecting the module to your existing tech and marketing stack.

Maximise your marketing efforts: use audience segments to deliver more relevant communications and rewards


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“Customer relationships are no longer built solely around purchase opportunities. Following repeated requests from our customers, we have launched an interaction-based loyalty platform fully integrated with our interactive marketing and data collection platform. This means that our customers will be able to incentivise participation in a quiz, for example, and reward their members for their participation or based on their score.”

Olivier de Lamotte

Head of Product

“It is crucial and strategic for media companies to regain control of their first-party data alongside what GAFA is offering. Converting anonymous visitors into identified and logged-in ones is the challenge of tomorrow to provide readers with content tailored to their interests. This is why Qualifio is the ideal conversational and participative tool for engaging, converting and building direct, trusted relationships, especially via their new loyalty platform!”

Milena Morsy

Acquisition & CRM Manager

“Consumers have evolved and the concept of loyalty has too. People want a real bond with brands, they don’t just want to receive rewards for their purchases. Consumers will share your content, become your ambassadors, interact with your brand online, share feedback, etc. And that’s what they want to be rewarded for. Marketeers need efficient software to be able to provide this experience to their customers - and that’s what Qualifio Loyalty does!”

Quentin Paquot



How will you use Qualifio Loyalty?

Five steps to create more engaging loyalty programs.


Encourage all types of interactions with your brand throughout the entire customer journey.



Define how your members will earn points by setting up your own rules.



Set up a list of rewards and the number of points a member needs to redeem a reward.



Customise your member portal interface and decide exactly what your members will see once they’re logged in.



Automatically send the data you collect into your marketing tools to improve personalisation.

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