In our last article, we showed you how our users were supporting their communities online by relying more on interactive content and marketing games. This week, we decided to provide you with useful, entertaining and relevant campaign ideas to help you manage the ongoing crisis and engage with your audiences. Here are our 10 ideas.

Spread joy to your customers

While everyone is experiencing social distancing, people are looking for ways to connect and communicate with others through digital channels. Make them meet virtually by creating a dedicated space on your website, Facebook page or on a mini-site. Photo and video galleries are the right formats to encourage that.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, we’ve seen that communities are naturally working together and doing kind or funny things for their neighbours: singing on the balcony, helping each other for groceries, etc. Imagine an entertaining video contest “My neighbours are better than yours” bringing together all these beautiful videos and make your community vote for their favourite one. Reward the most popular video with a prize.


We’ve also seen that a lot of funny memes are flourishing on the Internet. Create a photo contest with the best memes to help your community to get through the quarantine. Same principle as for the video contest: make your community vote for their favourite meme and reward the winner.


You can also imagine a particular photo contest for the ones doing homework. Encourage them to share their home office space, homeworking memes or even the most awkward homeworking situations. Let them share their experiences with others and enjoy the moment!


There are plenty of other ideas you can use: for example, launching a musical contest inviting Internet users to create their coronavirus song or a photo contest with the most original use of toilet paper! Unleash your creativity and bring your most funny ideas to life.

Provide relevant and entertaining content

Your content strategy will need to be continually reviewed and refined based on the ongoing situation and the news. Your strategy will also depend on your brand’s position and your target audience. Try to create content that is engaging directly with customers originally and authentically.

On one side, you can provide your community with more “serious” content closely related to the COVID-19. For example, ask for your audience’s opinion with online polls. It can be people’s perceptions of coronavirus or questions like “when will the quarantine be over?”. You can then display automatic graphs with your poll’s results and let people start a conversation around it.


The amount of false or biased information around the coronavirus is flourishing on the internet. Take this opportunity to inform your community with interactivity. The swiper format is trendy and useful for this kind of awareness campaign. The concept is simple: participants have to “swipe” left or right to answer the question. Ask them serious or funny questions about the virus and display all the correct answers at the end of the quiz.


On the other hand, you can also create playful and entertaining content not directly related to the coronavirus. Imagine, for example, a personality testwhat kind of people are you during a quarantine?”, “what book should you read during the quarantine?” or even “what movie should you watch?”. Based on the participants’ answers, you display a corresponding profile that they can share on their social media.

10-ideas-engage-community-coronavirus-crisis-test-quarantine 10-ideas-engage-community-coronavirus-crisis-test-quarantine-2

With the coronavirus on top of everyone’s mind, give your audience a way to have a good time without thinking about the ongoing crisis. You can, for example, raise the awareness of your audience around lighter subjects. We imagined a “guess the word” game with forgotten vegetables! Based on a picture, participants have to guess one or more words by finding the letters that make this word up, all while trying to minimise their number of attempts.


Show support to your community

Make your customers feel valued and cared for. To support them during this time, give them useful tips and content to help them pass the time.

Why not launch the “quarantine body challenge” with the calendar format? Each day, invite your community to come back to your channels to discover a new series of exercises. If your target audience is children, you can do the same by launching a new game or colouring every day. You can also start a “quarantine checklist” that will help your community to keep busy until the end of the quarantine.


We mentioned earlier the forgotten vegetables, why not launch a campaign to help your community cook with what’s left on their fridge? To do so, you need to create a personality test, ask one question per food (vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, dairy products, etc.) and prepare different recipes based on what participants have.

10-ideas-engage-community-coronavirus-crisis-test 10-ideas-engage-community-coronavirus-crisis-test-2

And a last one for the road: make cleaning tasks easier to divide in the time of coronavirus! Imagine a wheel of fortune in which a cleaning task replaces each slice. Each person living under the same roof needs to spin the wheel to discover their mission of the week. An easy and fun format to entertain your audience and that you can fully personalise.


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