Summer is officially here! With that season often being a slow time for marketers, you have to come up with unique ways to grab the attention of your audience. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to keep engaging your audience and collecting quality data during the summer! As you will see below, with a bit of creativity you can develop unique summer interactive campaigns that will be fun for your audience and profitable for your business.

Because summer rhymes with fashion, travel, music festivals, and food , we covered these four themes. Whether you’re a media, an agency, or a brand, here are some campaign ideas to try in the coming months!

Beauty & Fashion

1. Summer beauty bag

Help your audience get summer-ready with your best (beauty) products! With this campaign, participants tick beauty products they already own off a list. Depending on how many boxes they check, they get a personalised result indicating their level of readiness.

Checklist: Are you ready for the summer?The brilliant part: This concept can work if you are selling products or services in the beauty sector, but also in other industries such as food, tourism, fashion, culture, technology, home decor, etc. Just be creative!

Campaign type and how to: Here’s your own to-do list. Select the Checklist format. Enter all items in the Questions step. Then, go to the Exit step and create different resulting profiles based on the number of items the participant ticked.

2. Best beach looks

In this campaign, participants vote for the best celebrity beach look out of two, with several rounds.

Battle: Celebrity beach styles

Campaign type and how to: Choose the Battle type of campaign. Create as many questions as you want. This allows you to have variations on the theme: the trendiest sunglasses, the best beach towel, the prettiest sandals, etc. In the Exit step, you can choose to display the results graphically.

Need an alternative? You can go for a simple voting campaign where participants give their opinion on whether each look is “hot or not”, “top or flop”, etc.

3. Summer essentials

This campaign isn’t really a game, but it’s a very good way to promote your products (fragrance line, range of body treatments, newest kinds of makeup, cutting-edge sunblock, exclusive collection of hair-care, etc.) Participants simply complete a form with their contact information and can get free samples sent to their home address.

Not keen on mailing free samples? You can also work with unique codes in the exit screen so that participants enjoy a special discount on your products. You collect (email) addresses, but also other valuable data from all entrants (favourite smell, skin type, eye or hair colour, etc.), so you can retarget them subsequently.

Identification form: Summer essentialsCampaign type and how to: You just create a simple identification form, and add as many fields as you want. Don’t forget to set your exit screen so participants know that their request has been taken into account. (You can even configure an automatic confirmation email to this end so that participants have to validate their email address.)


1. The travel quiz

Test your audience’s knowledge of a specific country, region, city, etc. If you’re a brand active in the tourism sector, you may want to hold a competition to try to win a a trip. If you’re a media, you can either do the same thanks to branded content, or create a simple quiz to engage your audience.

Quiz: How well do you know Canada?

Campaign type and how to: We recommend that you pick the Sudden Death or Chrono Quiz type of campaign. These formats offer the advantage of adding some challenge to the game, either by eliminating participants as from the first wrong answer, either by putting a stopwatch on how much time they take to complete the quiz.

2. What kind of traveler are you?

In this campaign, participants answer several questions about what they like when traveling. Based on their answers, they get their traveler profile in the exit screen.

The brilliant part: Personality tests are a great format for product placement: you can recommend some of your products or services that fit the profile of the participant. They also hold important retargeting opportunities, so you can use the data you collected for future marketing efforts!

Campaign type and how to: Select the Personality test format. Add your questions and possible answers. (Don’t forget to link each answer to a profile!) Then write a description for every resulting profile (thrill-seeker, explorer, pioneer, genuinely curious, etc.)

3. Are you a knowledgeable tourist?

Memory, albeit with a twist. Instead of daring participants to find pairs of identical cards, make them match famous tourist spots with the countries/cities they belong to.

Travel Memory

Campaign type and how to: Go for a Memory. In the Cards step, upload as many images as you want. Set your exit screen, and that’s it!


1. Summer Calendar

With the Summer calendar, participants discover an artist per day. Best way to reveal a festival lineup!

Summer Calendar

Campaign type and how to: Create your own Advent calendar campaign. It’s very easy: simply add a custom link or another Qualifio campaign for each day of the calendar!

Need an alternative? You’re working in or around the music industry somehow, and you’re not really promoting any summer festival? Each door can open to a different kind of content. There are hundreds of possibilities, so make your creativity work. Here are some ideas: behind each door, hide a song, a musical quiz, a writing contest in which participants need to hide a maximum of song titles, etc.

2. Best fest photos

Host a competition in which participants submit their best festival shots. Then, your audience can elect their favourite.

Photo contest: Best Fest Photos

Campaign type and how to: Select the Photo contest type of campaign. You should create both an upload and a vote campaign, then link them together.

3. Summer hits playlist

Participants get to pick one or more summer hits, and rank them in order of preference.

Ranking: Summer hits playlist

The brilliant part: This will make a great piece of content. You can release the playlist afterwards!

Campaign type and how to: Choose the Polls & votes type of campaign, then select the Ranking type of question. Add all the songs and don’t forget to indicate how many of those the participants can rank.

Food & Beverage

1. Foodie life

People love pictures of food. Let your audience customize their picture with trendy food stickers and branded frames.

Photo Editor: Foodie life

Campaign type and how to: Select the Photo contest format, then choose the Photo editor question type. The important part is when you upload all of your stickers, frames, logos, etc. Encourage people to share their picture on social media thanks to the numerous options of the Virality step. Branded visual elements will give your brand great visibility!

2. Cooking tutorials

Develop a unique video contest in which you ask your audience to submit a video tutorial of their best summer recipes. Choose whether you want to associate a voting mechanism, and maybe give away a relevant product or service to the winner.

Photo contest: Cooking tutorials

Campaign type and how to: Choose the Video contest format. You will have to create an upload campaign, so that participants can submit their videos.

3. Complete the recipe

In this game, participants need to retrieve the missing ingredient to a recipe.

Guess the word: Complete the recipe

Campaign type and how to: Go for a Guess the word game, which is very easy to configure. In the Words step, add a list of all the ingredients but one. The missing item will be the one the participants need to find.

Need an alternative? You can also enter the entire recipe and ask participants to find the name of the dish they would prepare if following the instructions.

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