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Are you seeking originality for your Christmas marketing campaigns? We previously explained the advantages of the Advent calendar to, among other things, hold your audience on the lookout, communicate on your products or build audience loyalty. We also gave you different examples of digital Advent calendars created by major brands such as Ticketmaster, Daily Mail, Carrefour and Total.

However, there are many other campaigns that you can launch during the Christmas season. Here are 13 interactive marketing campaign ideas that will allow you to engage your audience and collect data on your subscribers, prospects or customers to know them better and target them.

Offer customised gifts

Imagine a campaign in which your users choose the gifts they would like to receive for Christmas. Take advantage of the checklist format to highlight your products or those of your partners. After their selection, participants are invited to fill in their contact details to be taken into account in the draw. A campaign that allows you to not only make people happy but also to collect personal data and preferences about your participants.


And why not offer your users the opportunity to “create” their own gift? The same mechanic as for the previous campaign: create a checklist in which you ask your users to choose the items they would like to have on their Christmas sweaters, from a list of choices. An ideal campaign to highlight your different products or even emptying your stock. ?


Provide useful and relevant content for the Christmas season

How to help your audience to have a wonderful Christmas? You can create a gift guide and inspire them for their Christmas menu, their decoration or the gift they will offer to their loved ones. This dynamic guide suggests relevant proposals based on the answers of your participants for 100% of personalised ideas.


Through the game, you can also highlight a tutorial or article explaining to your visitors how to make their own Christmas decorations, for example! We imagined a “spot the difference” game where participants have to find the different elements between two gingerbread houses. Post a tutorial at the end of the game explaining how to create your own house and offer a kit to the one who has found the differences the fastest.


Imagine an awareness campaign

January provides an opportunity to make New Year resolutions. Use gamification to spread a message and help your users to set new goals. Imagine a swiper campaign in which you evaluate your users on a particular theme: ecology, zero waste, sport, mobility, humanitarian, etc. You then display a personalised message based on the answers. Use the end of your campaign to advise your participants on how to be “wiser” for the new year.


Build your audience loyalty with a simple action

E-couponing offers considerable advantages for both consumers and brands. Imagine a campaign in which you provide e-coupons to your users in exchange for their contact details. Take this opportunity to add segmentation questions to your form. An effective campaign to convert your prospects into customers!


Capitalise on the post-Christmas period

According to the Journal du Net, January is a real opportunity for travel, sports and wellness brands. Take advantage of this after-holiday period to promote your offers interactively.
After the comfort, the sport! After several days of eating good things only, imagine a photo contest of the most beautiful Christmas tables. Invite your visitors to share their photos with your community and vote for their favourite. And why not, for example, give a year of sports to the owner of the most popular photo.

Launch a great contest

Christmas and New Year also mean holidays! Offer holidays to a sunny destination to your audience. Imagine a photo contest of the most beautiful decorated houses for Christmas. Make the community vote for the most beautiful home and offer a sunny vacation to the winner.


? 2019 end of the year’s two new formats: the promotional pop-ups and the wheel of fortune!
All the campaign ideas proposed can be promoted on your website with the new promotional pop-ups. But that’s not all. A new format will soon be available in the Qualifio platform: the wheel of fortune! The system is simple: set your prizes and then let participants spin the wheel to find out if they’ve won.


Get inspired by our users!

1. Daily Mail’s festive contest

The Daily Mail, British newspaper, decided to offer 12 bottles of Christmas wine to 10 of its readers! A draw chose the winner. To increase their chances to win, participants who purchased the Daily Mail on Thursday, December 6th, had to go to MyMail’s website and enter the unique code printed on the last page of their journal. Their chances of winning were automatically doubled! An excellent way to link both physical and digital worlds.


2. Solidaris’ B2B Photo Contest

The Belgian mutual insurance company Solidaris created a photo contest, published on its intranet. The idea? Decorate their office with pictures of their employees and children for Christmas. The campaign was aimed directly at its employees’ children. An original campaign, which keeps employees engaged.


3. Maasmechelen Village’s personality test

Maasmechelen Village, the luxury shopping outlet village, created a personality test “What Christmas are you?”. Participants were asked to answer various questions and complete a form to discover their profile. The exit screen of the campaign displayed a link to the different gift guides offered by the Village on its website.


4. L’Oréal’s dance contest

L’Oréal launched the “The Wonder Bells Ballet Game“. To try to win Viktor & Rolf brand gifts, users had to make Bowie and Bowette, the two characters of the brand, dance. They had to observe Bowette and repeat the sequence of movements by clicking on the corresponding buttons. At the end of the game, participants had to fill out a form to be taken into account in the draw. They were then invited to come back the days after to increase their chances for the draw.


In practice: L’Oréal worked with an agency specialised in gamification marketing for the creation of a tailor-made game and with the Qualifio platform for the first-party data collection. The brand created an “identified” campaign within the Qualifio platform, including a form and an exit screen. Only one specific step has been prepared by the Qualifio team to host the tailor-made game developed and hosted by the agency. The integration was done using a simple iframe while securing the recovery of each player’s score. And that’s it! Participants play smoothly without having to be redirected to different sites.

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