New: Discover our ideas for Halloween 2021

Trick or treat? It’s already time to think about your Halloween marketing campaigns before it’s too late (ouuuuh). As a marketer, you’re probably looking for opportunities to leverage this season in order to create unique marketing campaigns that will catch the attention of your current and potential customers.

Fear not (well maybe just a little, it is Halloween after all), we are here to help you get creative and really stand out. We’ve gathered 13 campaign ideas, easy to set up, engaging and scary for your online communities. Let’s take advantage of the Halloween holiday spirit!

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To give you a taste of what you’ll find in this ebook, try two live campaigns we’ve created just for you: the Halloween runner and the escape room game. And if you like them, don’t hesitate to contact us to launch your interactive marketing actions! ?

1. The Halloween runner

Bring gamification to the next level by launching your own runner game! You can customise all the elements, from the protagonist to the obstacles, to really match your brand’s image and colours. It’s the perfect game to engage your online community and increase the time spent on your channels.

Want to build your endless running game*? Contact us!
*The runner game is available on request via the Studio.

2. The haunted escape room

What could be more frightening than having to escape from a haunted place? We agree on that. To engage and scare your online community, we imagined a virtual escape room game. Challenged participants to escape from a haunted place as fast as possible and use our latest feature, the instant answer check, to make your game even more interactive and fun to complete. This new feature lets participants type in an answer which is validated instantly. If their answer is wrong, they can not go to the next question and escape from the room!