Interactive marketing content presents tons of different opportunities in terms of engagement, data collection and visibility for your brand. No matter what sector you’re working in (public transport, automotive, education, travel, etc.), quizzes, contests, personality tests, surveys and other will help you to differentiate your content, attract more attention, and get a higher return on your marketing efforts. So, here are 40 interactive marketing campaign ideas easy to create and that your audience will love.

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1. A customised form to collect data

Like L’Oréal, create a form to collect data on your audience and offer them a reward in exchange (sample, gift, discount, etc.).

  • Collect “classic” data (date of birth, telephone number, email, etc.) but also precise information about your business (car model, hair colour, pets, etc.);
  • Use Facebook Connect or your SSO (Single Sign-On) to automatically fill in the form;
  • Collect new Facebook fans with a Facebook Like opt-in;
  • Add an opt-in for your newsletter or that of your partners;
  • Send all collected data to your CRM;
  • Customise the appearance of your form.

2. A video contest with community voting

Let your audience speak like Dr. Oetker! Encourage your audience to express their tastes, share their experiences and generate content by proposing them to upload one or more photos. Then allow your audience to vote for their favourite pictures.

  • Choose from 8 different gallery layouts and voting methods (Facebook likes, points, stars, etc.);
  • Customise the social media share;
  • Moderate photos before or after publication;
  • Access unlimited storage space.

3. A personality test

Like Decathlon, image a personality test and, based on the participants’ answers, display the corresponding profile.

  • Display customised offers according to the resulting profile of each player;
  • Adapt your test questions according to participants’ answers;
  • Insert your own tracking codes and target your ads according to the resulting profile of each player;
  • Customise the social media share and encourage your participants to share their profiles.

Decathlon, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Lays… discover 40 examples of interactive marketing campaigns ideas from big European brands!