It’s Motor Show time!

The upcoming 96th Brussels Motor Show arouses the curiosity of a large public, like every year. Everyone is extremely excited about the idea of being allowed to approach the cars that make them dream. It’s the significant event of the beginning of the year and an exceptional opportunity of communication for media companies and brands.

How to differentiate from the competition? How to attract and retain customers? In order to give you some inspiration, we put together some interactive marketing examples easy to create that you could launch around such an event.

Whether you are a journalist looking for an original idea to boost your article or an automotive brand looking to attract more visitors to your stand, this article is made for you!

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-The photo contest is the ideal campaign format to engage your audience and create virality. Create a contest that invites people to upload their funniest moments in their car with their family or friends and publish the photo gallery on your website, your Facebook page or even a dedicated minisite. You can then suggest them to share their pictures on their social media and invite them to vote for the funniest picture of the week! It’s up to you whether you want to add a prize.


Looking for something similar? -Create a writing contest and invite your audience to answer an open question like: “-If you could choose anything, what completely crazy option would you like to have in your car?”. Let your participants vote for the most original idea.


Generate unique codes and distribute these codes in a magazine, on a flyer, on a product or by email. Participants will have to enter their unique code (which will then be immediately burned so as not to be used anymore) in order to access the campaign. It’s an opportunity to say thank you to your customers or give them a “VIP” access to your online campaigns.


Tip: give the visitors a discount on your products thanks to unique codes that you will distribute during the event. If you are a media company, insert those unique codes in your newspapers/magazines to invite your readers to participate to your online contest.

Tip 2: use these codes to attract a specific audience on your different channels (website, Facebook page, mobile app) and qualify it.


What car are you? What driver are you? Do you prefer brand X or brand Y? Create a fun personality test, invite your participants to discover their profile and suggest they share it on their social profiles. This format has a huge virality potential through the sharing options offered at the end of the test.

test_personality_motor_show_2018_qualifio test_personality_motor_show_2018_qualifio

Tip: make tablets available to visitors so they can take the test during the event!

Tip 2: add a call to action after the profile received by each participant inviting them to learn more about it on your website.


Choose the funny and popular format of Tinder to engage your audience. The concept is very simple: the participants have to “swipe” left or right to answer the question. Through binary questions such as “like/don’t like”, you can organise a battle between differents products or brands and collect accurate information about your audience’s preferences. Other important advantage with this format: it works very well on mobile.


Need an alternative? Use conditional branching to create a smart test that fits your participant’s profile. You will be able to adapt the test questions along the way and obtain more accurate, reliable data!


A quiz is a good way to capitalize on hot news, generate traffic and discover who in your audience is interested in Motor Shows. You can easily add it at the end of your article and invite your audience to test its knowledge for a chance to win tickets for the event, downloadable immediately at the end of the quiz. You can also invite visitors to take the quiz during the event.

Try our demo campaign!

Tip: use qualification questions to find out who among participants plan on buying a new car within the next months or year!

Tip 2: to build customers loyalty and make them come back, create a quiz with cumulative points by planning which questions will appear at what moment (through the “Planning” tab in the Manager). Your participants will want to come back on the dates specified to accumulate points and have more chances to win the prize!


One more for the road: “The mute musical quiz” created by Volkswagen and their creative agency DDB, in which they invited participants to guess artists’ names from car pictures. Another fun and interactive way to engage your audience!