In a world where digital heavily influences car buyers purchasing decisions, automotive brands need to communicate more effectively with potential customers. Most automakers now recognize the importance of interactive content marketing to drive growth and improve the customer experience.

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They are using interactive and highly engaging formats such as contests, quizzes, personality tests, battles, surveys, and more, which allow them to have a two-way communication with their audiences. Those formats attract their interest while allowing them to have a personalized content experience with the brand, instead of passively consuming the content.

What are the challenges interactive campaigns can help you meet? We asked this question to a few automotive customers of ours and here is what they answered:

  • Drive sales and identify car leads through viral campaigns that are shared by consumers
  • Increase their visibility, virality and the number of followers on social media
  • Increase customers’ loyalty by engaging and entertaining them
  • Improve their brand awareness and brand image
  • Boost the number of subscribers to their newsletter
  • Collect qualitative & consistent consumer data (size of the family, vehicle age, preferences, etc.) to provide personalized offers & contents
  • Bring online prospects to physical stores or foot traffic to digital channels

In this ebook, we put together some of the most successful campaigns examples from our automotive customers (VW, Opel, Lexus, Opel, Fiat, etc.). They opted for interactive contents in order to achieve their marketing goals.